Transit to Amana IA for NHOG Rally

Well…after our trip down to Madison last Tuesday Connie had to buckle down and crunch out some work on Wednesday and Thursday. Fortunately for us the weather was lousy both of those days so we wouldn’t have done anything fun anyway. Late Thursday afternoon Neil got out and did all the outside storage stuff for our planned departure on Friday after we ran some errands…needed some DEF for BAT, some groceries, and some new rope lights for going under the house.

Friday morning we got up and finished packing, hitching and left…all of that was done in a light drizzle on and off rain and it was only in the 40s. Not a great morning but we’ve had worse. Our destination for the day was Amana IA about 210 miles away where we had a reservation at the Amana Colonies RV Park for our attendance at the New Horizons Owners Group (NHOG) rally. After an uneventful if slightly bumpy trip (have I mentioned the roads up in this part of the country are terrible!!) we arrived at the park and got backed in next to a couple of our NHOG friends. Stuart and Lynn Jeffries and their greyhounds are parked almost next door and we immediately spent awhile talking to them instead of setting up along with several others who we’ve met either at the factory or the previous rally along with Mike Williams who is the rally master this week.

Following all that we got setup on a nice long 50 Amp FHU site and finished our setup. Once that was done we sat down to rest awhile until Connie spotted more friends Bill and Linda Napier a couple rows over…so we were off and running socializing. Lo and behold…an hour or so later we looked around from our various inspection of each other’s rigs, discussions about various technical issues we were having, examination of cool stuff we all have…and noticed that Lynn and Ed Asher-Harrington had also arrived from Elkhart where they were getting some warranty stuff done at MorRYDE. So…more socializing and visiting in their rig with some wine until it was time to head out for dinner. We had purchased a pizza and planned to eat in…but that plan was overcome by the group herd mentality and off we went to P.H.A.T Daddie’s which is a local restaurant with a couple of locations. A group of 15 or so of us met there and had a great evening of dinner, brews/wines, and talk until leaving the restaurant about 2030. At that point we came home, flipped on the fireplace as it was in the 40s by that time (and the low overnight was 36…we gotta head south I’m tellin ya) and watched TV until bedtime.

Here’s a shot of our setup…this is a really quiet campground out in the middle of nowheresville but it’s supposed to have great rally facilities (we’ll see them Monday) and the Internet connectivity is great…which makes both of (but especially Connie) really happy as we’ve had lousy wifi for most of the last two months and had to keep running out to the library if we needed any serious bandwidth.

IMG 1439

Thought I would also toss in a couple of fun shots…two for Jen and Bryan who are eagerly awaiting Neil 3.0 and another funny one we found on the net poking fun at all the NSA surveillance controversy…which is way overblown in our opinion. Any idiot knows that once information leaves your control the whole Internet is basically not encrypted and hence whatever you put out there might not stay private. Sort of like the recent nude photo controversy where all those famous women took nekkid pictures of themselves with their phones, put them out there with an easy to guess password and are shocked, shocked I tell you that somebody had enough interest in seeing them to break their password and steal their pictures.

In other news…water is wet and the sun will come up in the east tomorrow.

Granny naked

Buy one get one

Obama Visits  PreSchool

We’ve got nothing really planned for the weekend…but will probably keep getting together with friends. Monday Connie will likely work as she still has a bit more to go and we’ll be busy the rest of the week with rally activities. Once it’s over on Friday we will head back up to Rockford IL That’s about 200 miles mostly east from here…we’ll just stay there 2 nights so we can run back up to Madison for a Saint Saëns concert before heading off to Elkhart IL as week from Monday…we have an appointment to get our suspension and brakes inspected, lubed, aligned if necessary, and any parts that are wore out replaced. No real issues with it…but New Horizons has been known to be less than fully competent in installation of all the running gear components, it’s been a bit over two years on the road, and we’re passing near Elkhart anyway. So we will stop in and have Sergio (he’s the tech that Bill and Linda have been using for years and comes highly recommended by them as well as others) take a look-see and fix whatever needs fixing. From there we’ll head over near Cleveland to Cuyahoga National Park or 4 or 5 days…then we’ll start the trek southward and warmward for the winter. We’re starting to look forward to oysters and shrimp on the Gulf Coast on the way there.


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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1 Response to Transit to Amana IA for NHOG Rally

  1. Mj Trainor says:

    Amazing pix as always! Looking forward to your pass through Knoxvegas next month! ❤

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