Transit to Streetsboro OH and Cuyahoga National Park Waterfalls

Wow…it’s been a pretty hectic couple of days. Come to think of it…it’s been a pretty hectic couple of weeks since our arrival at Amana for the NHOG Rally 2 weeks ago today. We’ve been going long and hard every day or traveling every day and are really glad to be here in Streetsboro OH southeast of Cleveland for 6 days to rest up. We have some Fun Stuff© planned along with some rest days and next Wednesday we head out for 2 travel days to Fairfax. After a week there for dental, seeing Connie’s boss and students, we’ll start seriously heading south as it’s continuing to get a little chillier.

So…after our arrival at Elkhart the other day (Monday) we met Gary who’s the service manager there in the evening and then went on a fruitless search for dinner (ended up eating leftovers instead as everything was closed on Monday) then had our inspection/greasing/alignment as I discussed in the previous post.

Wednesday Neil headed out early and by 1000 was back home with BAT having completed his oil change and we also got the rear dualley outer wheel moved 1 lug nut around the circle…the two valve stems were in the same wheel cutout and it makes it almost impossible to put air into the inner tire. That’s solved now.

We packed up…hey, it was pretty easy as all we had was electric…got hitched and hit the road. 200 miles or so later we arrived at Timberlands Campground in Van Wert OH and got a really nice pull through FHU site with a view out over the cornfields to the south. Really quite and peaceful…we would have liked to stay there longer and checked out stuff in the morning but ’twas not to be. The campground was just about 4 miles off of US-30 which was our toll free route eastwards toward Cleveland. We had dinner and watched TV until bedtime. Thursday morning we got ready (didn’t have to hitch as our site was long and level enough to stay hitched which cuts 20 minutes or so off of the departure time frame)…and hit the road about 1000 for another 200 mile drive here to Streetsboro OH. Once off of the freeway we had to inch ourselves under a 13’6” bridge…no worries, we cleared it by all of 2 inches…and then arrived at the Streetsboro KOA campground where we’re safely parked in site 701. Another nice back in FHU site with trees out the back window and it’s pretty quiet overall. We had a small bit of trouble making one turn…it was tight but doable and we’ll take another road out of the site area to miss that turn on the way out.

IMG 1445

Another great pick by Connie.

After our arrival Neil did the outside setup while Connie vacuumed and did her normal inside stuff. After that it was showers then we were off to the Rosewood Grill for dinner about 3 miles away. We had the best Lobster Bisque we’ve had in years and then Connie had a Caesar Salad and Neil continued the lobster meme with Lobster Mac and Cheese. Both were extremely rich and we have leftovers for dinner tonight. Along with dinner we had some Rosewood Red Ale…a specialty brew for the grill that’s made by a local brewery. Connie was a little leery about passing up Fat Tire on tap but in the end was glad that she opted for the Red. With really stuffed tummies we headed home and after a nap sandwiched around some TV we headed off to bed about 2300.

Today was scheduled to be a fun day…we had picked out 3 waterfalls in the nearby Cuyahoga National Park to visit. After breakfast we packed up a lunch of cranberry filled summer sausage and cheese and headed off. First up was the visitor center where we checked out the history of the place…most of the park is along an old canal towpath.

After that we headed on to Blue Hen Falls which was at about 6 o’clock on our sort of circular drive through the park. After a short but steep downhill hike we got some nice pictures of the falls. Not too much water coming over this time of year so we passed on the higher Buttermilk Falls about a mile hike upstream since it usually has even less water than Blue Hen. Neil crawled down into the creek bed and got both close up shots where you can see the falls nicely as well as a wider shot that includes the trees above the falls which are just starting to turn. We thought this one had a lot of character in it even though the flow was not all that great. After our trips out west in the past finding really tall waterfalls in the east is mostly an exercise in futility so we concentrate on smaller ones and try to take decent photos of them.

<untitled> 4 HDR

<untitled> 13 HDR

From there we headed off to Brandywine Falls which is the signature (and tallest) fall in the park…it had a lot more water going over it from Brandywine Creek and although it was only about as far as Blue Hen it was much steeper so the park service has put in stairs down into the gorge to see it.

<untitled> 26 HDR

IMG 1442

Neil also got a shot of the neat boardwalk that the park service built along the underside of the gorge rim to get to where you can see the falls themselves. You can just see Brandywine Road above the falls in both of the this above, the creek flows under the road just before it drops over the edge.

DSC 8084

We had lunch sitting in the viewing area for Brandywine Falls then hiked back up the 72 steps (bad, but not as bad as the 120something that we had to endure up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan) we headed off to the third set of falls in the park, Bridal Veil Falls. Unfortunately, there was just about no water coming over them…so here’s a shot of where the falls would have been if there was only water. This is all bare rock in this picture; the falls are about 30 feet wide and there’s the barest trickle of water maybe a foot wide at the far left hand side of the lip of the falls. If the creek was higher you would have seen a wide, lacy cascade down those currently bare rocks. Sorry ‘bout that.

<untitled> 40 HDR

With that our day was done. We headed home and after another quick trip out (Connie forgot her military ID the first time) to CVS for flu shots (free with our Tricare insurance), a stop at Lowes for some hardware stuff we needed, and a stop at Eagle Giant grocery for a couple of things we were out of we came home. Dinner will be leftover Caesar Salad and Lobsta Mac ’n Cheese from last night and Neil’s thinking some Blueberry Cheesecake Yogurt Dairy stuff we got for later.

Over the weekend we have a 20 mile bike ride planned on the canal tow path…and then we’ll take the scenic railway back to the house. That’s for Sunday, tomorrow she has a telephone meeting with her boss and Neil is going to build us some new jack pads for the rig. I’ll make sure he takes some pictures of the process so you’ll have a full appreciation of just how interesting and cool some of the stuff we do is:-) Next week…who knows. We’re leaving on Wednesday with about 350 miles to go to Fairfax…we’ll be at Bull Run Campground again as it’s the only RV park in the western ‘burbs. Monday and Tuesday are up in the air at this point; we’ll probably do laundry on Tuesday but maybe some more Fun Stuff© on Monday.


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  1. Moritz says:

    What a nice story! I really like the pictures of the waterfalls. They are really amazing!

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