It’s Been a Slow and Cool Week

Yup…the post title says it all. After our last Fun Stuff© day Wednesday dawned cool and raining. As we planned…Connie worked and Neil went off to the KOA laundry room and 2 1/2 hours later returned with clean clothes. Then it was lunch and more work. We did go back to the Rosewood Bar and Grill for dinner for some more of their excellent lobster bisque.

Wednesday morning we got up and started working on getting ready to go…Connie told Neil that she thought she was getting a bladder infection so they decided to wait until later in the day and if she was convinced then we would find a Doc in a Box location and get her taken care of that evening. The rest of the getting ready to go routine went great…until Neil tried to start BAT to hitch and it just would not crank. We got it jumped from the Mazda but figured that would mean that for the next two travel days we would have to jump it every time we started it…which turned out to be completely true.

We did our 290 miles to Hagerstown MD and got pulled into the Antietam Battlefield KOA…quite expensive for us at 61 bucks a night but it’s on a prime location right on the river. By the time we got power and water on Connie was convinced and after a quick google found a Tricare participating Doc in a Box nearby. We drove over and found out two things…first that this was one of the coldest waiting rooms we had ever been in and second that in less than hour she was done. No copay, urinalysis complete and she had a prescription for antibiotic and some symptom reducing medication. Another quick stop at CVS where we got them filled for 7 bucks total and we were off. Neil decided not to cook as it was after 1900 by this time so we stopped at a conveniently located nearby Texas Roadhouse and had a brew and a steak. After that we headed home where Connie felt miserable until bedtime.

Thursday morning we got up, jumped BAT, and headed out for the last 90 miles to Centreville VA arriving at the Bull Run Regional Park campground about 1100. We plugged in and unhitched the house then quickly took BAT over to Battlefield Ford to get diagnosed and fixed…then headed our for our 1400 appointment at our old dentist to get our teeth cleaned. Connie got a clean slate and Neil had 2 cavities that needed filing, one on each lower jaw. After that we stopped by the Elks Lodge that Neil originally joined for a beer and dinner then it was home for bed after a stop at REI for some stuff we needed and the Wegmans grocery for some food stuff we needed.

Friday was another work day for Connie while Neil headed off to get his two cavities filled. Once that was done he got a milkshake for lunch since his jaw was numb…and discovered that when your face is numb your straw sucker doesn’t work either; so he ended up eating his shake with a spoon once he got home. Luckily the Novacaine wore off by dinner and we had a nice Italian sausage and marinara sauce with spaghetti for dinner.

Saturday was the Alabama/Ole Miss game…and the less said about that the better. ‘Bama’s pass defense was poor to lousy and they ended up losing 23-17 after entering the 4th quarter with a 7 point lead. I’m thinking that the defense will be doing a lot of pass defense work this week and the offense will also be working on things like short yardage plays, not dropping passes, and not fumbling the ball away on your own 30.

Sunday was Mass and since it was cold overnight (36, brrrr) we pretty much are just staying home. Monday and Tuesday Connie has to go into the office to see her boss and students but I think we’ll be able to squeeze in a nice dinner out one evening this week. Otherwise Neil will hit up the library for Internet and get some groceries. Don’t know about Wednesday yet but Thursday we’re off to Midlothian to see the human kids.

BAT is all better though…we got a call about noontime Friday that it was fixed. Something broke in one of the batteries which was causing the issue; the other battery and alternator checked out just fine. It was replaced under warranty so that was good as well.

Connie’s infection is well in hand…the symptom meds have pretty much taken care of that part and the antibiotics will have her completely back to normal by Wednesday or so.

I don’t have any pics this week so here’s a couple of funny ones…the first is one of those notes that UPS leaves on your doorstep when they can’t leave your package and the second is one of when bad parkers get their come uppance.

Fair Enough No Package Delivery

24 Bad Parkers Who Got A Swift Visit From Karma Wildmmo 11


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