Quick Trip to Mayo FL

Just a quick post to (a) let ya’ll know we’re still alive and (b) what’s been happening since our transit day down to North Fort Myers.

We had an uneventful week last week at Seminole Campground…the only thing we did interesting at all was Bingo Night at the Elks and boy, did we hit the jackpot on that one. Connie didn’t win…but our friend Roland did. He always sits at the bar with us and since he was the only one at the bar that won he bought a round for the folks at the bar. In addition to that…the letter of the day happened to be L…anybody with that as the first letter of their last name gets the second drink free. In addition to that…Neil got a free drink chip from the bartender in thanks for hauling out another keg’o’beer when her Michelob Ultra keg ran dry. We had a coupla hotdogs for dinner and a good time was had by all.

Connie went out to choir practice…we went to Mass…Neil bought her a new fishing pole to replace the one Harry Demery bought her before they were married…and that was about it. We didn’t set up much since we knew we were going out of town for a couple of days.

Monday we drove to Bradenton FL about 70 miles up the coast and headed out of there about 1400 with a brandy new shiny auxiliary fuel tank in BAT. I’ll ‘splain what that means and put in a photo in my next post.

Following that we drove up to Mayo FL right near Tallahassee where John Palmer, his helper Tracy, and Neil spent the last two days installing solar panels, wiring them up, making everything waterproof. By 1400 today we were done and are now a green energy producin’ machine…even on a cloudy day this afternoon we were still generating about 10 amps of charging current into the battery. Again…I’ll ‘splain and include photos later but Neil’s too tuckered to process the photos he took of it and the aux tank right now.

Anyhoos…we’re done with all of that ‘cepting a very slight issue with our new auxiliary fuel tank that I’ll talk about along with all the other stuff next time…so we’ll be heading out of here tomorrow morning. We have to make another quick trip to the roof to remove the blocks that are holding down the wires until the sealant goop that glues the wires to the roof finishes sealing…then we’ll hitch up and be on the road for about a 300 mile trip back to Seminole.

Oh yeah; we got a notice from our bank yesterday that our main credit card had been spoofed and a fake card made up for some purchases yesterday up in VA. Neil assured them that we didn’t make them and we went through all the pending charges they have telling them which were good and which were fraudulent. The card’s cancelled and we’ll get a new one delivered to Seminole tomorrow. We didn’t lose any money…the bank is pretty aggressive about finding bogus charges and getting new cards sent out. They think the number got disclosed due to the Home Depot breach recently and somebody made a duplicate card and was charging away…but they only got a hundred bucks or so worth of stuff out of the deal. Still a pain for us though…Neil will have to change the card number in all the places that keep it like Amazon and the like…and will have to file a fraud alert with the credit bureaus to make sure nothing further was done but other than being a pain it’s not that big of a deal. Another great advertisement for the new Apple Pay system…which will make fraud like this a lot harder to do since the merchant won’t have your credit card number to be stolen by the bad guys; under the Apple Pay system you give the merchant a one tim code that isn’t your credit card number. Even if the bad guy steals the code, as far as the bank is concerned it’s already been used and hence is no good…so the bad guy’s can’t steal any money with it. Unfortunately the new system requires an iPhone 6…and we aren’t due for an upgrade until next November so I guess we’ll just have to suck it up and wait or spend the money to upgrade early. Haven’t decided which way to go with that yet and the new system isn’t accepted widely yet anyway but in a year or so it looks like the whole pay by credit card landscape will get a giant security upgrade. There’s a competing system being pushed by merchants named CurrenC…but it doesn’t offer nearly as much security, doesn’t use a credit card but uses a direct bank account debit or debit card instead, is much more cumbersome to use, and is essentially a way for the merchant to gather even more data on the customer. Under Apple’s better system…you get to use credit cards, the merchant doesn’t get any info on you, and it’s more secure…what’s not to like. The Google Wallet system for Android phones is very similar to Apple Pay and either of them is far superior to the CurrenC system which is being pushed primarily by big merchants who don’t want to pay credit card fees…like I’m willing to to give CVS or Walmart direct access to my bank account…not.

Anyhoos; that’s it for now…as I said I just wanted to let ya’ll know we wuz still alive and I’ll post some pretty pictures and explanations on all our new stuff later on.


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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