Catching Up Post

Nothing much going on so I figured I would catch ya’ll up on what we been doin’ and post a couple of photos we got earlier at Cedar Key.

First up; here’s a shot getting on toward sunset I shoulda posted previously of the boat in the lagoon right outside the Tiki Bar at the Low Key Hideaway…note the platform on the stern as it will be important later.

DSC 8118

Connie went out one morning and got this shot of a wildflower out back of our rig.

DSC 8125

Then we discovered these Monarch butterflies on the bushes at the water’s edge…they must be resting up for the rest of their migration to South America and Mexico.

DSC 8145

DSC 8152

DSC 8168

She also spotted this wader out on the mudflats right near the boat in the first picture…we think it’s a non breeding willet.

DSC 8170

Another morning Neil spotted this Osprey having breakfast out on the platform on the stern of the boat.

DSC 8187

DSC 8188

As well as this White Ibis looking for lunch. 

DSC 8191

I figured those would wet your whistle for upcoming bird photos as we have numerous haunts to revisit while we are here in SW Florida.

Neil found this picture on the web about where babies come from and sent it along to their pregnant human kids.

Where Babies Come From

As well as a one about messing with the wrong guy.

Bear messed with me once

Finally…Connie ran across this one on her Twitter feed yesterday. Perfectly apropos after their thrashing of previously #1 ranked MSU last Saturday and their rise to to top of the Playoff Rankings.

Alabama Dynasty

You know you read that in Jase’s voice…didn’t ya.



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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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2 Responses to Catching Up Post

  1. cindy says:

    Monarchs in Florida…well, that beats all. We purposely made a trip to the “famous’, monarch migrating gathering place in the Monterrey California area, only to find out that the “famous” place that promised to have thousands and thousands of butterflies turned out to be someone’s back yard! There was probably around 25-30 and they were very, very small… time we head to Cedar Key! We love that place!
    BTW, don’t like the man in the bear head post (its rather crude).

    • Neil Laubenthal says:

      Yup, FL it is. We’ve seen them a few times as we traveled around particularly this summer but most of the flocks/groups/whatever you call them were maybe 100 or so in a group.

      Sorry about the crudeness of the bear head post…but that’s the way I found it and we thought it was funny albeit crude.

      If you go to Cedar Key for them you better make it in the late Oct/early Nov time frame or you’ll miss them.


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