Hanging Out In The Warm Weather and Another SEC Championship

Well…again not much has happened the past 10 days. We had a great Thanksgiving dinner…the brined duck breasts were great on the grill along with sweet potato casserole. Afterwards we had Butterscotch Flan that had cream cheese in it instead of just the normal eggs and cream so it was a lot richer. Neil melted some butterscotch chips on the bottom of the ramekins and it made a nice crunchy/sweet almost crust like layer at the bottom of the custard.

After Thanksgiving we didn’t do much…watched the Iron Bowl the Saturday afterward where ‘Bama trashed Auburn then we watched the SEC Championship today where they dominated Missouri and are headed to the playoffs with the top seed. Between the two games we had Connie’s birthday celebration…her actual birthday was on Tuesday and we went to Bingo at the Elks but we headed over to Pine Island and hit up the Ragged Ass Saloon on Thursday for some brews, along with some Italian sausage stuffed banana peppers and a Caribbean pizza afterwards.

Here’s a nice shot he got from one of his twitter buddies the day before the Iron Bowl last week.

Large Fries 2

Neil washed the house, car and BAT and has been steadily ticking off jobs on our to do list for the winter. He got our living room fan repaired…the gearing that raises the lid had gotten stripped somehow but he ordered the part and got it installed yesterday.

He found this photo on the web this week…it really gives you a sense of  how big cruise ships have gotten.

Titanic vs Carnival

The black hulled ship in front is the Titanic…which was the largest passenger liner in history when it was set sail in 1911 on it’s ill fated voyage. The white hulled ship in the background is one of the Carnival Cruise line ships…it’s pretty large for a current passenger liner but is by no means the largest afloat. Really gives you a sense of how big they make those things these days though.

And since their human kid Jen is getting pretty close to popping out Neil 3.0…here’s one for her and Bryan.

Never Sleep In Again

Other than that…we been ordering Christmas presents, working on planning for our journeys in the spring, bike riding, and just generally doing not much. Connie went fishing a couple of times but didn’t bring home anything for dinner yet.

It’s supposed to be nice weather this week…I think I’ll send Neil out for some more eagle pictures or maybe send the both of them on a hike or something…I gotta have some photos for the blog ya’ know. In the meantime…here are another couple of shots of Harriet landing the other day…looking back  through the shots Neil got on Thanksgiving I found a couple more that were pretty decent.

D71 0152  1

D71 0157  Version 2


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  1. RTR and Happy belated birthday; I knew I was forgetting something! Please keep BabySis posted via phone/text re: 3.0! ❤

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