And Our Work Here Is Finished

Today (Easter) marks our last day in sunny and hot southwest Florida for this year…we head out from Seminole Campground tomorrow morning.

Yesterday he figured out the problem with our solar (it hasn’t been working the past couple of weeks) installation and added a ground wire to our solar controller and reconfigured it to disable the ground fault circuit…this particular controller is designed for household installations first which have a real ground and hence you need to have the ground fault circuit. An RV doesn’t have a real ground except for through the power cable…as far as the power company is concerned the whole RV is essentially a single extension cord…so you have to disable the circuit to clear the fault indication and restore charging. We’re not sure why it ever worked since the circuit is enabled by default but something must have changed in the campground electrical system recently. no worries…it’s fixed now. 

After Mass this morning we came home and had a ham and egg sandwich for brunch then changed clothes and started our day before moving routine. Connie put away all the inside stuff and vacuumed the floor to make sure we don’t have any gravel that got tracked in as that would scratch the floor when the slides come in. Meanwhile…Neil put away the rope lights, our sign, the flag, and all the other basement stuff and checked the oil and such in the Mazda for the trip. After that he dumped and flushed our black and gray tanks…our sensor in the gray isn’t operating correctly right now. The grease and soap that you put into the tank from the dishes causes this Crisco looking white gunk to build up on the sides and hose up the indicator. The solution is to put some vinegar and grease dissolving dish liquid in along with a few gallons of water while you move and let the agitation wash it off. We’ll travel tomorrow with just 20 gallons or so in the tank to clean the lower sides and with 50 or so gallons next week to get the upper sides.

Once we were done with our chores Neil had a shower then a discussion about campground wifi and submarines with Doug who does the wifi here in Seminole Campground…Doug finally figured out the problem with the slowdown of the wifi…it was a DNS issue with the router but I won’t bore you with any more of the details.

While that was happening…our dinner was cooking. We browned a pork roast after brunch and put it in the crock pot with some German spices and wine…it’s done now and tastes mighty good. We’re making roasted potato with onion, bacon, and Parmesan cheese to go along with them and Neil made one of his famous Blueberry Crisps for dessert. That…along with the rest of the wine and maybe some corn (Connie and Neil are still negotiating on that one) will make a mighty tasty Easter dinner.

Neil ran across this photo the other day on his Twitter feed from EarthPics…it’s the paw of an 8 foot long black bear…notice the size of it compared to the hands of the guy who’s holding it. Connie is 100% sure that she doesn’t want to see anything like that on our upcoming trip. Neil keeps telling her that by and large the bears aren’t really interested in humans unless you scare them or get between a sow and her cubs…we make lots of noise talking to the bears when we’re hiking in the woods so neither of those is very likely. Still…they’re big and wild so it pays to keep yer wits about ye when in the bush. Neil’s guess is that we aren’t going to be nearly far enough out in the bush to really have much of a bear problem…that’s his story and he’s sticking to it he says.

Bear Paw

Here’s a shot  of Alex…he’s getting bigger and we will be glad to see him again in a month or so. Holding his head up quite nicely for being just 3 months old.

IMG 1618

IMG 1621

Connie says he’s cute and adorable.

I’ll post some more probably Tuesday after our move…unless something blog-worthy happens across our path tomorrow.


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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3 Responses to And Our Work Here Is Finished

  1. Cindy Davis says:

    As far as little Alex goes, he is absolutely adorable!
    Now about the bears, if you are heading to Alaska this year you will probably see them on the roadside. When we were up that way (late May), we saw many a bear both grizzly & black munching on dandelions, of all things! Where we travelled up that way was a small town called Hyder, Alaska which is near Stewart BC. That area is very remote but beautiful. They have a whopping 100 people as residents. As we entered the “town” there was a banner across the “street” that said “The Friendliest Little Ghost Town in Alaska”…turned out to be a really true statement. The “town” is one block in, make a right to access the 2nd block. Make a U-Turn, to go back to Stewart, BC. Dirt “streets”, fantastic people & great stores…go figure! Heard many a hair raising tale of their kind of “justice” (one bartender shot a man in the crotch), man-eating bears, and crazy people from the lower 48 (that would be us)! Enjoy your adventures! Be safe!

  2. seamus says:

    bright-eyed lil’ bugger, aint he ??? cuter’n a spekled puppy…

    ahem… (using don’t wanna preach but doin’ it anyway voice)… GO HERE… U WANT (NEED) THIS…

    better to have and not need than to need and not have. (sermon over)…

    yall be careful, we’ll be follerin’…

    take us out sulu… hit that warp-button thingy…

    • Gunther says:

      Yeah, we got some of that bear spray. Had it a coupla of years, will check the date before we get back up there and replace if necessary.

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