On The Road Again…

Or as we would have called it back on the USS Guitarro…Back in the Saddle Again…the old Gene Autry song was our theme song whenever we got underway.

We got up Monday morning and after coffee and breakfast started getting ready to go right about 0800. With our preps the day before we were packed, hitched, and on the road a little after 0900 for the 304 mile trip to Naval Station Mayport in Jacksonville FL. The first couple of hours were pretty decent up US31 and 17 until we got on I-4 a little west of Orlando. From there…the next 70 miles really sucked as we were in stop and go traffic repeatedly…once near Disneyworld and Universal Studios, once near downtown, and about 20 miles east of Orlando until we got to I-95. Once we got clear of the traffic we cruised along nicely and pulled in about 1600 to the navy base.

About halfway up we got a call from Pelican Roost RV Park on the base and it turned out that the computer had double booked a site and our planned waterfront site at $21/night would not be available until Tuesday…Sheila told us she had an overflow site available at no charge to us for the night and we could move over to the waterfront site Tuesday morning. We readily agreed and on arrival at the park she sent us over to site 29 for the evening. Since we would be moving the next morning…we only hooked up power…decided we had enough water in the tank to make it until the next day. The site was nice and level so we didn’t unhitch either…put down the forward jacks on the rig and ran out the slides then called it a day.

After that we walked over to the All Hands Club hunting dinner…they had no food and most of the other stuff on the base is closed on Monday. So…we had a pitcher of beer then came home to the rig. Dinner was leftover pork roast from Easter…we made it in the crock pot with some German seasoning and it was really tender, juicy and delicious. Along with it we had some roasted potatoes with bacon and Parmesan and some Blueberry Crisp for dessert. Sunday after dinner we shredded the remaining pork and mixed it with the leftover sauce and taters…that warmed up nicely Monday evening for dinner.

The good news was that at the club we were talking about not getting wings for dinner the day before and another patron suggested we head over to the CPO (Chief Petty Officer) on Tuesday evening for wings. They let officers in this particular CPO club so that became the plan for Tuesday night. We also got a couple of restaurant recommendations while we were there.

Tuesday we got up and Connie headed over to fish about 0830…as you can see from the pictures below it is only a hundred yards or so over to the seawall along the riverfront. She didn’t catch anything though and wandered home around 1030. Meanwhile…Neil noticed that the folks in site 1 over on the waterfront sites had departed. When she got home we wandered over and decided that site 1 had the best view of the water of any of the waterfront sites so we headed over and got checked in for the remaining 6 nights of our stay. Once that was done we pulled in the the slides, moved about 50 yards to the new site and finished setting up.

Here’s a shot of our setup in site 1…followed by a pano shot of the waterfront view we have…both shots were taken with Neil standing in the same and just turning around.

IMG 1570

IMG 1572

Pretty nice view, eh?

After that we had some lunch then sat out in the Zero Gravity Recliners for a couple hours until it was time to head over to the CPO Club for dinner. It’s about a 5 or 6 minute walk over there and when we walked in…lo and behold Neil spied a Guinness tap behind the bar.

Taking that as an encouraging sign…he had a pint while Connie had a Yuengling instead. They had an order of wings and fried mushrooms and saved 6 of the wings for wing soup tomorrow. We had never heard of hot wing soup until we stopped in this Irish pub somewhere…they had wing soup on the menu and on quizzing the bartender it turned out that any leftover wings became soup the next day…a little wings, a little cream, a little cheese and…voila…it becomes a pretty great soup. We’ve been meaning to try it so the leftover wings will go nicely with it.

Tomorrow Connie has to work and Neil has a couple things he wants to re-stow in the basement as well as repositioning our ladder on the bike hitch so it’s higher off the road when we’re moving. After that he’ll probably have a bike ride around the base and then we’ll walk over to beach for a bit to sit in the sun and bake for a bit…it’s supposed to be another great day.

It’s good to be back on the road again…while we all like being parked in Fort Myers for the winter and were ready to be there when we arrived last November…we’re ready to be back on the road and doing what we do.

We’ve got a hike at a NWR planned for later in the week as well…along with eating at a couple of the restaurants that were recommended to us the other night. You’re going to be reading a bit more in the blog from now on about the name and location of the restaurants we eat at along with what we had…not so much that most of our readers care about those particular details but for a more practical reason. We’ve had more than one conversation the past couple of years where we clearly remember the restaurant and what we had that was really good…but then draw a complete blank on what it was named and where it was. To prevent this…we’re going to try and put in a little more detail in the blog that we can easily search later.


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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1 Response to On The Road Again…

  1. rwarner22 says:

    We are in Pelican Roost at site #19. I see you all are at the other end of the campground. We are going to be gone most of the day but will be back late this afternoon and hope to say hi before you leave tomorrow. Pretty great campground!

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