Transit to Camp Lejeune NC

Monday was a scheduled travel day from Parris Island SC up to Camp Lejeune NC. It is a pretty long travel day for us…about 365 miles site to site…so we needed to head out early. Neil had dumped our tanks and unhooked the sewer hose Sunday evening in between the rain showers (well, he actually had to be out during the rain showers but it was in between the heavier rain periods we could see on the radar) so all we had to do was pretty much hitch and leave.

We were up and Connie started coffee at 0600 and Neil made us some oatmeal for breakfast. We got dressed and started actively leaving about 0700. Neil finished up the utilities and our outside checklist stuff while Connie did the inside checklist per our usual routine and we pulled out of the campsite right about 0825.

We stopped in the Florence area for lunch at Taco Bell in a Pilot and also filled up BAT with fuel…we got a special deal with 5 cents a gallon off until the end of the month so even though we coulda made it up to Camp Lejeune without filling up there is no cheap fuel nearby…hence we took advantage of the discount and filled up 38 gallons worth. That should give us enough for our next two travel days to Dam Neck VA and Centreville VA.

Our trip was pretty much all on 4 lane highways or the freeway and we got here right about 1600 after our 367 mile trip. After a quick check of the available sites we chose site 12 and Neil quickly backed in and parked. Again…we followed our routine and Neil did the outside while Connie the inside…our floor really needed vacuuming this week. Here’s a shot of our setup in site 12 and also one of the dune that borders the beach…you can see it in the center back of the second shot. Nice covered picnic table but whoever laid out the campsite was clearly not an RVer or an engineer…the power pedestal was in the usual place but rather than the water being right next to it the water spigot was over behind the picnic tale for the adjacent site…about 20 feet away. Good thing we have a long hose. We also can’t put the awning out due to the covered picnic table…but it’s too windy anyway.

Onslow Beach Site 12

Onslow Beach Dunes

Both of them are fully back into travel mode now…although we continue to use our pre-underway checklists to make sure we don’t forget anything it’s mostly a do it and then double check using the checklist sort of thing by now. The first move out of Fort Myers seemed a little non-routine, leaving Jacksonville was almost normal and leaving Parris Island we all felt fully back into traveling mode. That seems to happen more quickly with each passing travel season…last year it didn’t really seem normal for about 3 or 4 weeks.

Connie’s working this morning while Neil did some laundry and we’ll go over to the beach later on…with dinner plans yet to be finalized. There’s an Irish Pub 12 miles or so north in one of those quaint little towns…or she might find something more quainter to do instead.

We saw a couple of cute signs on the way through the base yesterday…even though we were on an official NC highway the portion inside the base is government use only…but since it’s an official road it has to have official road signs. I’ll grab some shots of them today on our way out for ya.


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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