Transit to Dam Neck VA and Connie’s Still Broke

Well, we successfully made it to Dam Neck VA on Monday…but it took pretty much all Connie had to get here and she’s just been vegetating ever since.

After our last hike on last Friday she continued to feel worse and worse all weekend and then even worse on Monday. Naturally, this meant that we had to move on Monday which we weren’t too happy about but ya gotta do what you gotta do. Luckily it was a short day…just 221 miles and Neil did all the getting ready parts except for those that needed hands farther apart than 4 feet or so as he’s just not able to do those alone. We started getting ready to leave around 0800 Monday morning and pulled out of the Onslow Beach CG at Camp Lejeune a few minutes before 1000. Our trip was mostly up US-17 and I-64 but it was four lanes most of the way. We made a quick stop at a rest area for a bathroom break and another one in a shopping center parking lot to have burger from the Golden Arches…but other than that we just chugged along with Connie just wanting to be there. We made it to Sea Mist RV Park at the Dam Neck Annex Navy base in Virginia Beach VA around 1500 and got backed into site 7. Neil put out a recliner for Connie to rest in as she was pretty much done in…and only got her to help with the things that required two people. We got setup in site 7, Neil ran over to the Subway on base and picked us up a couple of meatball subs for dinner, then we just rested until bedtime.

Tuesday was more of the same…except we ran out of cold pills and ran over to get some more…we picked up one that had a decongestant in it as well and luckily by Wednesday she’s feeling a little better. Not good by any means and not over whatever it is she has…but she’s on the upswing at least and although tired is able to do a little more around the rig…but no Fun Stuff© yet as she’s not better enough for that. She’s working today and it’s raining tomorrow and Friday so she hopes she’ll be better enough by the weekend to actually do something she wants to do instead of just sitting around feeling lousy.

Neil went on a bike ride and we got an appointment to get the A/C in the Mazda checked…discovered the other day it isn’t making enough cool so he’ll get that looked at tomorrow while she does some more work that needs doing.

He’s been giving her cold pills and taking care of her as best he can…but unfortunately the only thing that’s really going to make her better is time passing.

Sea Mist is a pretty nice spot…$254 for our 11 nights here and pretty much right on the beach although we’re behind the dune and can’t see the water unless we hike up to the crossover to the beach at the end of the campground. Here’s a shot of our setup in site 7.

Sea Mist CG Site 7

That’s the road behind us…not the beach, the trees are across the road which is about 10 feet below the level of the campground. The beach dune is behind where Neil got this shot from.

Yesterday he climbed up and repaired a small tear in our LR slide topper material…sewed it up and sealed the stitching with some silicone sealant along with repairing an area where the edge seam stitching is coming out. Other than that…we pretty much done nothing since we got here but given how Connie feels that isn’t surprising. Jen and Alex are supposed to come over to visit on the weekend…but we’re thinking of canceling that since we’ll be in Midlothian in another 2 weeks anyway…since Connie won’t feel like doing much we’ll save her the 2 hour each way drive.

Sorry if it’s a boring post…but sometimes that’s just the way it is.


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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