Continuing Northwest

Not much to report…but I did want to let ya’ll know that we wuz still alive albeit mostly just traveling toward Dawson Creek for the start of the Alaskan Adventure.

As I Indicated in my last post…our friends Bill and Linda Napier arrived on schedule in Langham SK Saturday afternoon. Neil grilled some chicken for dinner, Linda made brownies and brought over a bottle of Merlot and a jolly evening was had by all.

Sunday we attempted to attend Mass in Langham…we even verified the location and time of the service by driving by the church earlier in the week…but alas, on Sunday morning we got there and there was no Mass this week. So…we went back to the rig and were on the road in convoy with Bill and Linda right about 1000 or so for a 170 mile transit over to Lloydminster AB right on the AB/Sk border. Neil made some vodka cream sauce with Italian sausage and linguini for dinner along with another bottle of Merlot then we all just rested until bedtime.

Monday morning we were off again about 0900 or so for the last 170 miles to Acheson AB on the west side of Edmonton. On our arrival we met up with David Baxley and his wife Bettie…Dave is the wagon master for the caravan to Alaska this year and will be again for our Canadian Maritimes trip next summer. Linda grilled some steaks and made a Caesar salad for dinner and Neil contributed some oven roasted rosemary potatoes…it was a nice evening so we just ate outside.

Today Neil and Connie installed our new pressure sensors on all 12 wheels and also inflated a couple tires that were a bit low…this entailed an unscheduled removal of the rear left outer dualley wheel to get the old sensor off the valve stem. Once that was done we headed off for some errands…haircut for Neil, fuel for BAT, nails for Connie and a stop at Walmart for a few last minute groceries. Then we came home until it was time for dinner…we were headed out with Bill, Linda, David and Bettie…our initial idea was what was billed as a Japanese steakhouse (one of those teppen-yaki restaurants) but it turned out to be a take out establishment so we ended up at the Canadian Brew House where we had some great brews, great food, and great conversation with friends…Bill was especially interested in getting some more info on next year’s Maritimes trip as they’ve never been up that way.

Tomorrow is laundry day and we need to do a little rearranging of wires, equipment, and various electronic devices in BAT’s cockpit…we’ll do who knows what for dinner and then Thursday morning we’re headed out early for the 330 mile trip up to Dawson Creek where we’ll spend the weekend at Northern Lights RV. Then Monday evening we have the initial get together for the caravan and Tuesday we head north.

Sorry…no pictures to show you this time…we’ve been doing more life stuff than Fun Stuff™ but that will change soon.

As a famous man (David) says about the trip to Alaska…”Someday begins tomorrow.”


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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