Dawson Creek BC, Sexsmith and Connie Shows Off Her Beaver

Well…we continued our trek northwestward and arrived in Dawson Creek BC for the beginning of our Alaska Caravan…so I figured I should catch ya’ll up on what we did. After my last post on Tuesday we got up Wednesday morning and did laundry, went to the grocery, and had dinner with our friends Bill and Linda. With an early departure time on Thursday…we were leaving at 0800 since we had 340 miles to go to Dawson Creek BC…we hit the sack early and after getting up at 0530 we were ready to go and pulled out with Bill and Linda right about 0803.

We made good time west and then north and pulled into Dawson Creek BC right about 1600. We’ll be here through Monday night…the caravan first meet-up is Monday evening and we hit the road Tuesday morning. We have several overnight stops heading basically due north until our first extended (3 nights) stop at Whitehorse on Saturday. We’re in site 46 in Northern Lights RV Park on the west side of Dawson Creek…here’s a shot of our house and a suspiciously same paint job rig next door that belongs to Bill and Linda.

IMG 1656

Before we left Glowing Embers RV Park in Acheson AB…Neil did get a few decent shots of the Magpies that are very common up here in the northwest.

D71 2620

D71 2625

D71 2629

D71 2643

On the way up we passed a great little town in BC…

D71 2657

And here’s the sign at the city limits of Dawson Creek.

D71 2668

The only touristy thing we did today was stop by the Visitor Center at Beaver Lodge, BC…and Connie showed us all her beaver. Honest…I mean it…and I even got a picture of it to prove that it.

D71 2650

We were gonna grill burgers with Bill and Linda on our arrival…but upon further review as the replay official would say the call was overturned and we went out to a sushi place in town instead. New Tokyo Sushi…pretty great food and great times as well.

Tomorrow Neil and Bill are headed off to get the oil in Bill’s truck changed and see if we can find a low pass filter to make Neil’s CB work better without all the static we were getting today. Then we’ll do whatever there is to do in Dawson Creek over the weekend and Monday morning…followed by the meet-up in the evening for the start of our 60 day Alaskan Adventure…we are all really looking forward to this.


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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