Clarks Ferry COE Campground Montpelier IA

We got here yesterday after about 300 miles…Connie was ready to be here as the roads were pretty bumpy most of the way…Iowa has terrible freeways, at least I-80.

Once again…she hit it out of the park on picking a place to camp…although as soon as she saw COE (Corps of Engineers) in the name she was pretty much home free as we’ve never stayed in a bad COE park.

The park is right next to the Mississippi River here in Montpelier…we’re about 100 feet from the water and have a gorgeous view. It’s an electrical only site but has 50 amps and we stopped on the way in and put 60 gallons of water in our tank which will be plenty for 2 days. We’ll dump on the way out…which means no black/gray issues either since it’s only 2 days. The pad is concrete, nice back in site, great satellite visibility…and best of all it is only 20 bucks a night…not to mention there are maybe 8 or 10 rigs here tops out of 40 or so maximum.

A couple shots of site 6…first one was taken standing on the bank of the river.

D71 7721


Looking east along the river…it flows west to east here so this is downstream. The two guys in the canoe at the dock pulled up in the late afternoon and occupied a campsite a couple doors down from us for the evening. They’re paddling with double ended kayak paddles and had a small 1 man tent and another tent/hammock sort of thing that they slept in. They didn’t have any cooking equipment that we saw so either had self heating camping meals or were eating cold ravioli out of a can or something similar.

D71 7722

Some shots looking upstream (westward) at sunset. All were taken within a few minutes of each other and have had different post processing combinations applied in Lightroom…I was trying to reproduce what it looked like to the eye and the 3rd and 4th one most closely resemble what I remember…although the 1st and 2nd ones are fine too…which one you like depends on your mood today I reckon. 

D71 7726

D71 7737 Edit

D71 7735 HDR

D71 7747

Connie worked on Tuesday while we were here and Neil caught up on some tasks on his to-do list.


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3 Responses to Clarks Ferry COE Campground Montpelier IA

  1. Mj Trainor says:

    Officially BabySis approved!

  2. kristy says:

    Thank you for the great in site on the campsite. We’ll be camping there in July, so seeing and reading about the campsite ahead of time settles the nerves a bit.

    • Neil Laubenthal says:

      No worries Kristy…glad to be of assistance. There were a few trains during the day as the tracks parallel the road there and you have to cross them to get into the CG. As I recall…we came in so the river was to our right meant we were going East on the road and needed to swing wide to get into the entrance then up and across the tracks. No trains at night though…and being right on the river was excellent. Enjoy.


      The three kinds of stress…nuclear, cooking and a&&hole. Jello is the key to the relationship.


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