Dang It’s Rained a Lot

I gotta tell ya…it’s been raining an awful lot since the New Year down here in sunny SW FL. Lots of high wind numbers too…in the previous 3 years we’ve stayed here we’ve had to bring in the awning maybe 3 times total but we’re already up to 3 this year alone and still another 2.5 months to go. We’ve also had at least 2 tornados on the ground near us the past month and another half dozen tornado warnings/watches a bit farther out. They do have some tornados down here in the summer usually…but in the wintertime they’re pretty rare around these parts…I have no idea what’s going on.

Other than the weather…we’ve pretty much just been doing daily life with nothing really important to talk about…about the only different thing is that Harriet and her new beau M15 mated and laid 2 eggs back in mid December and the first one hatched yesterday with the second one apparently in the “imminently hatching” phase. You can check out the progress at the SW Florida Eagle Cam.

Anyhoos…we’ve also been down to the Elks a lot the past couple of weeks…what with chicken on Monday night (we ate once and cashiered another night), Bingo on Tuesday, Connie had her regional meeting down there which had her down on Wednesday and Thursday and fish on Friday (again ate once and cashiering this week). Tacos tomorrow night maybe as well. The good thing is that Neil keeps winning the free drink ticket, they drew his letter L for another free drink one day, and he keeps getting freebies for schlepping empty beer kegs to the back and bringing full ones out. Brews at the Elks are cheap already and all the freebies lower the average cost as well. 

We did get a couple of cute photos comparing human kid Bryan and grand baby Alex yesterday…in both of these Bryan is on the left and Alex on the right at about the same age. I guess it’s pretty clear from these photos that (a) Jen wasn’t foolin’ around with anybody else and (b) Jen, like her mother in law Connie…was just a vessel for the cloning as Neil’s baby picture looks pretty much the same. As Darth Vader would say (cue deep breathy voice here)…”The genes are strong in this one Luke.”

Clearly in this first one each of them got caught (again!) doing something they know they’re not supposed to be doing.

IMG 4918

Bryan’s here was taken in our backyard in San Diego I’m pretty sure…his favorite tree is out of frame to the left.

IMG 4919

We had Gordon the RV repair guy by earlier in the week…our toilet seal started leaking and since Neil “doesn’t do plumbing” we farmed that job out to him. He did a minor repair job to the underneath of our bedroom near the kingpin…we banged it into the bedrail on BAT in Tennessee of all places…all the way through Alaska with no damage other than the expected minor paint/fiberglass dings on the lower front but in Tennessee we were making a sharp turn in Cove Mountain campground and dropped the inside wheels of the trailer off the pavement and onto the grass…maybe a 2 inch drop but it rocked the rig enough so that with the truck cranked way around to get around the curve the underneath hit the rail. New Horizons sent us a replacement piece…which UPS damaged even though the shipping was more than the cost of the part…but we got it refunded and New Horizons settled up with UPS…Neil was able to rescue enough (about 6 inches) of the twisted into a pretzel shape new part to cut out and replace the damaged piece on the old part. It’s just a trim strip between the main body of the rig and the nose cap…mostly it’s there to cover the seam and keep water out and it looking purdy anyway. The repair doesn’t look nearly as nice as the whole new strip would have looked…but that’s life I guess. One would think that the 8 inch diameter half inch thick cardboard shipping tube that New Horizons packed it in would have survived the package smashing machine…but one would think wrong.

Our travel plans for this season are well underway…we’ve got our route planned out and after leaving here mid April we’ll end up in Chattanooga for the New Horizons Owners Group rally in mid May…then onward via Midlothian VA (grand baby Alex time for grandma) and Manassas VA (dental, eye check for Neil and meet with the financial guys) to upstate NY, Boston, and Boothbay ME to Nova Scotia. We’ll spend 2.5 months up in the Maritimes checking stuff out before returning to the US just before Labor Day…then heading southward again.


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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2 Responses to Dang It’s Rained a Lot

  1. Cynthia says:

    Such cute pictures. They are adorable.

    • Neil Laubenthal says:

      Yeah…amazing how much alike they look…as well as compared to my baby pics.


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