More Friends and National Championship Football

We continued our visits with Bill and Linda over the past week…alternating cooking dinners and eating out at a couple of local hangouts…the Nauti Parrot and the Elks Lodge for the fried fish dinner. Neil made a scrumptious scallop dish for us one night out of scallops we hauled back from Alaska and Linda really outdid herself last night with a grilled pork tenderloin and baked taters. We polished off the entire thing and then had Italian Wedding Cake from the Publix supermarket bakery…I tell ya Neil slaved over the hot stove for hours making that thing:-)

Last night was the National Championship football game between Alabama and Clemson…and as expected the Tide came out on top again. We definitely won the fourth quarter and while Clemson’s quarterback threw for a bunch of yards and a few touchdowns…at the end our D was just a little better than their offense was. Add in that Clemson really had no answer for our Heisman winning back Derrick Henry;they stopped him on some plays but he ended up with 158 yards and three scores…and the 3 long passes for 2 scores to our tight end and we came out on top 45-40 and it was actually 45-33 until Clemson scored in garbage time at the end of the game. Henry’s third score with under 2 minutes in the game and a near 100 yard kickoff return for a score earlier in the 4th quarter were the difference.

The bookies had it just about right…the line on the game was Bama by 7 and we won by either 5 or 12 depending on whether you count the  garbage time score. We’ve got a couple of jerks at the Elks that were all over being Michigan State fans last week and Clemson fans this week…so Connie and Neil are going to Bingo tonight in full Tide regalia just to rub it in. We promise to be nice about it…not.

It’s kinda nice to have another football season end with the Tide on top…and talk about first world problems, here’s one for ya.

Saban vs Bear

Bill and Linda headed off this morning for Tampa to see the RV Show there and also a couple of old friends. Then they’ll head generally back home to NC…we’ll see them again in mid May at the New Horizons Owners Group (NHOG) rally in Chattanooga…and depending on their caravan schedule for the Canadian Maritimes we may cross paths while we’re up there separately from the caravan.

Couple funnies for ya today.

Why do people choose stupid

KFC Witness Protection Program

Neil found this list on the web as well last week. We’re big fans of NCIS…Gibbs actually started as a bit character on an earlier program named JAG before his character was spun off into his own show. Ya know how Gibbs is always quoting “the rules”? Well, here they are…somebody compiled them for us.

Gibb s rules

Anyhoos…that’s about it for now. Just wanted to post something so ya’ll would know we’re still alive.



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