Fun Stuff© in Louisville

Well…I sorta guess you can call it that…although it’s not up to our usual standards for fun.

Anyways…on Monday evening Neil decided at the last minute he didn’t feel like cooking so we headed south back down IN-62  a couple of miles to a place called Mack Daddy’s we saw on the way up here on Saturday. Both of us thought it looked like an interesting dive bar so he decided to give it a try…and it turned out to be a pretty decent place. They had AmberBock  on tap for $2.25 a pint so we quickly ordered a pair of those then took a perusal of the menu. Connie quickly decided on fried oysters…Neil briefly considered the steak which one of our neighbors at the bar recommended as being excellent but wasn’t that hungry for a 14 ounce slab-o-beef so went with the Philly Cheese Steak and Onion Rings instead. His sandwich was quite tasty…as were Connie’s oysters…even though they wuz ruint by being dipped in batter of some sort instead of cornmeal…really the only thing that seafood should be properly fried with. We had another brew before heading back to the park for the evening.

Tuesday (Apr 26) we had a day planned down in downtown Louisville…so about 1000 or so we hopped in the car and headed down that way…we stopped by a nail place to check it out for a Wednesday drop in for Connie and picked up a cable for Neil at Radio Shack…he likes to hook his iPhone to the radio in the car to listen to music or podcasts while traveling and the cord he has won’t go into his iPhone 6s+ with the case on it…he needed one with a skinnier end.

On the way out of the park we spotted the juvenile Cooper’s Hawk sitting on a limb near the road and got a quick shot before it flew away…we’ve seen 3 or 4 wild turkeys but haven’t gotten a shot of one of them yet.

D71 8056

We also got this shot of the campground…you can just barely see our house in the far back center…there are only about 6 or 8 rigs here during the week but I’m sure it will pick up again on Friday afternoon.

D71 8054

Once we got parked in downtown we headed by the visitor center to get a map and see what there was to see on a walking tour…there’s this area called Whiskey Row which we figured would have neat shops and such…but as revealed later in the post it turned out to be a bust. Our first priority though…lunch. We first checked out this place named Gordon Biersch Brewery and Restaurant…looking at the menu it looked like a nothing special restaurant but we wandered in to check out the beer selection…only 5 on tap and not one of them made on the premises or even made locally…so much for the brewery part of the name. We decided to press on to a place we had seen on the way to the parking garage…it was on the way to Whiskey Row named Bluegrass Brewing Company Restaurant and Brewery…it was sort of in a half basement/half street level part of the building, the entrance is to the left of the photo below.

D71 8057

We quickly bellied up to the bar…it looked much more like our kinda place over Gordon Biersch…where our excellent, friendly and knowledgeable bartender Kyle briefed us on the current in-house brewed draft selections.

IMG 1975

After he ran through the 7-8 selections…Neil looked at Connie and said “you had me at bourbon barrel stout” so we ordered a couple of pints of it…which turned out to be an excellent brew although due to the strong bourbon barrel flavors it was one of those only one pint ones. It used to be full…Ima tellin’ ya it was…dunno what happened to the rest of it. Somebody musta robbed us while we weren’t lookin’.

IMG 1997

Connie ordered a Caesar salad with grilled salmon on it and Neil had a pot roast sandwich with grilled onions and mushrooms, cheese, and roasted garlic aioli. Both were outstanding but by the time we got our food his pint was gone. They decided to get another pint of the BBC (Bluegrass Brewing Company) Nut Brown Ale…which was just about as dark as the stout was but was brewed in the ale style vs being a stout so it was not as heavy. They were astounded because it was even better tasting than the stout was.

By the time they finished the Ale and their lunch it was time to head for Whiskey Row…which turned out to be a complete dud…really nothing to see at all. They wandered a mile or so through the area before heading back out. The only redeeming feature on the walk other than the exercise was this pub…there’s a bridge across the Ohio River in the background of this picture and they thought it was a great name for a pub.

D71 8061

They got back to the car and headed home. After a siesta in the afternoon they were both still full from lunch…so Neil baked up a single turkey pot pie that they shared for dinner along with the last couple glasses of wine from the bottle we had Sunday night with our steak.

Afterwards…there was a serious line of thunderstorms coming through…the weather radio went off almost constantly from about 1800 to 2200…there were reports of quarter sized hail, 80 mph wind gusts, and torrential rain. We kept checking the radar map to see if we needed to head for the storm shelter in the bathhouse but there were no tornado watches or warnings posted and it looked like the worst of it would pass us both north and south. About 2000 we had 10 minutes or so of really strong winds…dunno if they were 80 but they were definitely enough to get the house a-rockin’ even though we’re pretty sheltered on 2 sides by the trees in the park and partially sheltered by those across the road behind the opposite sites. Very strong rain as well…but no hail and after 30 minutes or so it settled down to on and off medium heavy rain until 2200 by which time it had pretty much petered out. More thunderstorms forecast for Wednesday evening as well.

Wednesday (Apr 27) Connie headed off about 1110 for a hair appointment…when she got back we had lunch then went out again for nails (her) and laundry (him). Once that was done…dinner will probably just be pasta with walnuts, onions, and garlic as she has an online meeting with her students at 1900.

She’s got more Fun Stuff© scheduled for Thursday, I’ll report on that later.

Interesting Things of the Week

Another claim for the Greatest Pie Chart Ever.


Neil’s favorite of the week…they’re not wrong.


We’ll keep tryin’ for the turkeys. Cyas.

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