Transit to Louisville KY

Saturday (Apr 23) we were up early for our 320 mile transit to the Louisville KY area…but we actually stayed right across the Ohio River from downtown in Charlestown IN at Charlestown State Park.

Our route from Chattanooga was I-24 to Nashville, then I-65 North to Charlestown…but after looking at the two cities we elected to bypass downtown Nashville where the freeways intersect in favor of getting off on TN-155 to skirt by the airport and around the east side of town before hooking up with I-65…it was only 3 or 4 miles farther and we avoided downtown. Our analysis also showed that the I-65 bridge over the Ohio River was under construction so we elected to bypass that as well although that was about a 15 mile detour. Good thing we did…turns out the bridge was closed for the weekend and our only option was to do what we had planned…which was to take I-264 (the Louisville beltway) around to I-64 to cross the river since there aren’t many bridges. From there we got on I-265 (the other Louisville beltway) over to IN-62 which took us to about 1 o’clock from downtown and thence to the state park.

This is one of the nicest state parks we’ve been…widely separated sites…but it was really full when we arrived about 1600…they don’t take reservations until next week so it was walk in only…of the 190 sites here about half are full hookup and the rest are electric only…and there were only 5 or 6 full hookup sites remaining. Turns out there was a festival with an air show in Louisville this weekend and people coming down to see that and the associated fireworks pretty much filled up the place. We got settled in and hooked up in site 101…great site with a satellite view.

Charleston St Pk Site 101

We discovered that our front living room slide bolt had broken…again…so Neil had to crawl under with a crescent wrench and manually move the slide rear out as Connie slowly bumped the front out. He got out and replaced the broken bolt Monday morning.

Sunday we went to Mass then just sat around for the afternoon…luckily the campground cleared out pretty severely in the afternoon and by dinnertime…a delicious grilled NY Strip with grilled onions and mashed taters…there were maybe 20 rigs left in the campground tops. It will probably stay that way until Friday afternoon I’m thinking.

Monday Neil did his aforementioned bolt replacement and also taped up one of our cable loops…there’s a bundle of cables that goes from the frame out to the galley slide so it can move and still get power…the bundle is wrapped in flexible casing then spiral wrapped with duct tape to hold things together. Easy fix…as long as you’re underneath the trailer which he was. Luckily it’s a paved site so he was able to get his mechanics runner sled out and slide around instead of having to just crawl under.

Connie’s got a little Fun Stuff© scheduled but there’s not actually as much to do in the Louisville area as we thought…precious few hikes so we’ll go to a couple of breweries and mebbe a distillery or two.

Not many Interesting Things of the Week today…this is about all I found. Kinda makes you wonder how they’re going to get that ladder down, eh?

YouHadOneJ0B 2016 Feb 25

Hot today as well…lower 80s but at least it’s fairly low humidity and there’s a little breeze blowing…


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