Bumbling Along

When last we left our heroes…they were up near Detroit MI and had completed family research into Neil’s ancestors.

Tuesday Jul 12…they packed up and drove the 260 or so miles back to Hanna IN where we parked (again!) in our favorite Last Resort Campground. We had a monthly rate that ran through Saturday night so figured we would have to pay one more night. The owner moved our monthly spot to another FHU pull through site…and as compensation waived our power bill for the month and also tacked on the last night at no charge…we would have swapped anyway as the new site was actually superior to the one we were originally in.

We did pretty much nothing through mid-day Sunday…grilled dinner every nigh, Neil went on a bike ride…and we did laundry.

Monday morning we hitched up early for the 67 mile transit over to the MorRYDE factory in Elkhart…we had scheduled work starting Tuesday. When we got there…they were ahead of schedule so we pulled directly into Paul’s service bay and he got to work while we headed 60 miles back west to Michigan City for Connie’s last retina appointment before heading south to Fort Myers.

Bad news is that she needs more surgery to make  things right as Holmes would say. Good news is that we now know why she can’t see as well as the retina doc thinks she should be seeing and what is to be done about it. Before…it was “let’s do this cataract surgery and maybe that will help”…now it’s “let’s do this retina surgery to fix this scar tissue we now see along with the cataract surgery”. At least  we know what the problem is now.

At MorRYDE…we got new bearings installed, journal sleeve bearings and brake assemblies checked, and 2 springs on our suspension replaced under warranty. They also installed a new foot on one of our jacks…we knew it was loose already and they were going to fix it but sometime in the last 2 weeks it fell off. They ran over 20 miles northeast to White Pigeon MI where the Quadra Bigfoot Leveling System factory is located and bought a foot and 4 new nuts. Paul…our MorRYDE tech…installed the new nuts after cleaning up the threads and put LokTite anthem so they should not come loose again.

We’ll move back to the parking lot at MorRYDE tonight…then head off to our first stop on the way to Junction City KS tomorrow…will spend 3 nights in Casey IL west of Indianapolis.

Interesting things this week.

How to cook meat


Question about Auburn fans


This truck loader clearly has OCD


I thought this only happened at K-Mart


Jim is a little unclear on this whole selfie thing I think



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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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