We’re Really Official Floridians Now

Yea! We’re really official Floridians now. The title for Big Red came in last week and got forwarded over to our local DMV office and we went by there this morning and finished up the titling and registration for him in FL…got tags and the title application copy in hand and the real title will go back to USAA until we finish paying the loan off.

Connie has choir practice today then it’s Bingo at the Elks. Hopefully her luck from last Thursday night at the Bingo here at Seminole will carry over…she won 3 times for a total of $90 then and brought home a Maple Donut for Neil.

Tomorrow it’s packing day then we’ll be off to the dentist early Thursday morning followed by heading out for Midlothian to see the human kids and grand baby Alex for his birthday…really looking forward to seeing everybody although we’re definitely not looking forward to the weather which will have temperatures in the 30s the whole time we’re there…brrrr. If I was a polar bear it would be one thing…but I ain’t so I’m definitely not going into the woods.

Neil has a new idea…he’s going to start getting a lot more kale in his diet…only he’s going with kale that has the silent k at the beginning…I dunno who thought that up but he’s a freaking genius I tell ya.

Not really anything else to report although we did find a few interesting things on the net this week.

After the SEC Championship Game last Saturday which was won by the Alabama Crimson Tide…they destroyed Florida 54-16…at one point in the third quarter Florida had 60 yards or so of total offense compared to -7 for the Tide who had a penalty and a punt on their only possession of the game so far…anyway at that point the score was Alabama 16 Florida 9. The Florida coach probably had a really hard time understanding that. Florida ended the game with a total of zero yards rushing after you took off the QB sack lost yardage but had 32 yards for the game on actual rushing plays. Alabama helped their cause with 2 more non offensive touchdowns for an NCAA leading 14 for the season and 3 long drives with touchdown runs in the second half. They did surrender their first touchdown since October and the first opening drive touchdown since early in the 2015 season. Anyway…saw this one about the game.


I see they’ve started the election recount in Wisconsin.


Fixed it. Nailed.


Meanwhile…in Colorado I guess there’s a road with this name.


You had one job label maker.


Remember…watch out for the bad one.



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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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  1. ROF! RMFTR!!! BabySis

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