Eye Update and Firming Up the Jello

OK, things are lookin’ up ‘round these parts so I figured I would update ya’ll on stuff.

Connie’s cataract surgery appears to have been a success…she’s essentially healed from the surgery but is still a little blurry at distance since she doesn’t have new glasses prescription yet…that comes on the 26th. She’s reading fine though and we are both extremely happy ‘bout that. After her final followup on the 26th she’ll be “free to move about the country” and we have been firming up our travel schedule and reservations for the summer this week.

We’ll be heading up to VA the day after Easter to visit grand baby Alex and coming back the following Saturday for choir on Sunday. Neil has written down the Master Departure Action List of stuff we still need to do before we leave and we’re down to about 5 weeks left to get it all done.

We left 2 weeks of slop in the schedule just in case and because she needs to order and pickup new glasses…then we’ll hit the road on Monday May 15. Our itinerary from then is as follows:

  • Transit to Junction City for a week at Camp Horizons to get our galley seal fixed
  • Transit to Goodland KS the Tuesday after Labor Day for a week…this is mostly an expansion joint stop as there’s not much in Goodland but after the quick trip to Kansas and a week hassling with Ken there in the service department we might need a few days off…and it’s a nice spot that we can lengthen or shorten our stay as needed based on whether Ken needs more than 5 days to do the seals.
  • Transit via an overnight stop at Denver to Silt CO; then stops of 5-10 days at the following
  • Moab UT 
  • Blanding UT 
  • Page AZ 
  • Bryce UT 
  • Virgin UT 
  • Salt Lake City UT
  • Reno NV
  • Redding CA 
  • Canyonville OR
  • Salem OR
  • Port Angeles WA
  • Coeur d’Alene ID
  • Missoula MT
  • West Yellowstone MT
  • Crow Agency MT
  • Spearfish SD for the NHOG Rally
  • Denver CO
  • Albuquerque NM with our friends Bill and Linda for the Balloon Festival

From Albuquerque we’ll have 10 days and 1,600 miles to get to our reservation at the Low Key Hideaway in Cedar Key FL before arriving back here in North Fort Myers on Nov 1. At this point we’re still talking about the route back…Neil’s first idea was to head straight to Foley AL and stay at the Elks Lodge there for 5-6 days before heading to Cedar Key but that part hasn’t been firmed up yet. 

All of that travel will result in a lot of photos and a whole lot more blog posts…I know we haven’t posted much this winter but by and large we’re just living and getting stuff done…so nothing really exciting to talk about.

We appreciate all the thoughts and prayers for Connie’s surgery and recovery and things appear to be going swimmingly as one would say.

On to interesting things from the net,


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Why they’re Head-ges of course:-)

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Nailed it.


How to respond to a panic attack.

Panic whiskey

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  1. WHAT? Pfft no Knoxvegas on the whistlestop tour? For shame! Pfft.

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