Getting Into the Winter Routine and Connie Joins the Elks

Well, another week down and not much to report. Neil went on a couple of bike rides and we continued checking stuff off of our “Arrival in Fort Myers” list. We had our dental cleaning and each of us has a cavity that needs filling…Neil’s is under a crown so that will need replacing while Connie’s is in a tooth that will require a crown to go along with the filling.

We’ve mostly been eating in…haven’t cooked a bad meal since we got here…now that we’re in winter home mode we tend to eat out less and between the two adults we’ve really been dishing up some tasty grub.

Connie joined our local Elks Lodge…she’s been getting in on her spouse card and is a member of the Ladies of Elks auxiliary…but decided it was time to become a full fledged member. Neil thinks she really just wanted to know the secret handshake…which she now does.

Along the way this week…Neil hung up the Tiki Bar sign that our friend Maureen from the Low Key Hideaway bought us…Neil admired theirs and threatened to steal it (just teasing!) so she got us one.

IMG 2639

He hung it out and plugged it into the timer we have that normally runs our Christmas lighting…it’s set to be on from sunset until 4 hours later. 

Connie continues to not be a winner at Bingo…hopefully her luck will change and she’ll make enough to break even on the cost. Today we got roped into selling the hotdogs and nachos at the Quarter Auction…Connie was going to go anyway but Neil would have stayed at home until Frank called and asked if we would sell as Frank and Gail (the normal sellers) have to head an hour north to the Deep Creek Lodge for some sort of District Deputy visitation thing…another reason not to become a lodge officer as you end up not only spending more nights at your own lodge than normal but also you are expected to participate in visitations, initiations, and other social/lodge business events at other lodges close by.

Little Red continues to impress us…her engine is really quiet and several times we’ve either tried to start it when it was already running or started to leave the car without turning it off. We’re really liking having a car again…it will make travel days a little harder on Connie as she will drive separately and slightly harder on Neil as well as he won’t have any people in Big Red with him to handle tasks like refilling his drink, checking the navigation or googling for some bit of information we need…all that will have to happen at rest stops instead.

The college football season is getting down to the serious portion…last week 4 top 10 teams including Georgia, TCU, Notre Dame and Washington all lost. Alabama was tied to behind most of the game but as is the norm for a Saban coached team they won the fourth quarter convincingly and scored with about a minute to play to give themselves a 31-24 win. They’ve got a cupcake this week in Mercer but next week it’s the Iron Bowl against Auburn (who beat Georgia soundly last week when the Dogs were ranked #1) then the SEC Championship Game against Georgia once we beat Auburn then it will be off the the playoffs. Nothing certain at this point…and while the Tide is looking pretty good they have to continue to show up, follow the process, and have every player do their job.

On to interesting stuff found on the net.

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  1. Mj Trainor says:

    omg, the Tiki Bar sign rocks! RTR!

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