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So…just to note a couple of items from the news this week before I head on.

Tragically…there was a mass shooting incident in Toronto this week…and this is in a country where handguns are 100% illegal and long guns (rifles and shotguns) are regulated much more than we have down in our neck o’ the woods. I’m not turning this into a political thing…but it’s become clear over the past 15 years or so that progressives/liberals/Democrats/whatever you want to call them really want to overturn the 2nd amendment through nibbling around the edges since they’ll never have the votes to pass a constitutional amendment overturning it…but if this can happen in a country where handguns are 100% illegal…then why in the heck do they think that that overturning the 2nd amendment would reduce gun violence in the USA. Toronto has the highest murder rate in Canuckistan…and again handguns are 100% illegal up here.

Second thing is a ruling this week from the 9th Federal Circuit Court of Appeals. In a 2-1 vote…and this is far and away the most liberal Appeals Court District in the USA…held that open carry of firearms is constitutional despite state laws to the contrary. Don’t have any idea why that particular count supported the 2nd amendment that liberals hate.

Third…some dumb ass down in Sweetwater FL decided to park illegally in a handicapped space at a store and run in to get some snacks. Another citizen came up and was explaining with no violence to his girlfriend in the car that they were parking illegally. The dumb ass came out…ran up and pushed the citizen to the ground…and then got shot for his efforts under Florida’s Stand Your Ground law…and is not at this point being prosecuted. The dumb ass chose to make a discussion a physical altercation…and the citizen apparently thought his safety was threatened so there you go. Dumb asses girlfriend said that the citizen was “attacking her”…clearly disproved by the surveillance video…and that she had a right to park wherever she wanted. Idiots.

Me…we own a couple of long guns that Neil inherited from his grandfather and uncle…and have never really had any desire to own any more firearms…particularly as we occasionally travel north across the border and taking them into Canuckistan is either illegal or very hard…but Neil’s said for years now that if they ever try to overturn the 2nd amendment he’s going out and buying one of those scary looking guns that aren’t really assault weapons before the ban takes place. Anyway…Neil as a former Navy guy who took an oath to uphold the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic…sort of feels strongly about what the Constitution says. He’s perfectly fine…well, he’s actually not but at least it would be doing it the right way…if a constitutional amendment was passed to overturn or limit the right guaranteed by the 2nd amendment.

On a non political note…take a look at this video that our friend Ray Danet sent us…Millennial Video…the video is here. This girl is…15 years old from Beverly Hills CA and currently has a $1,000 a month allowance and is demanding two things. First is that her mother raise her allowance to $2,500 a month since she can’t live on $1,000 a month…and second is that her mother buy her a $231,000 Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen for her 16th birthday. Her reasoning is that her mother has a Bentley so she owes her a suitable vehicle. Dr. Phil suggests she get a job and the snowflake bursts into tears. She doesn’t even go to a regular high school…since she was traumatized at her old school…so she’s taking online classes to get her GED. Now the main problem here is that her parents are 100% responsible for her entitled behavior…since they’ve raised her this way…but can you get the nerve of this spoiled child…I certainly can’t. Daughter will have a rude awakening one of these days Ima thinkin’. What a complete pair of losers…both mother and child.

Ok…enough of that…let’s talk about more Fun Stuff© here in PEI.

Wednesday…we had a trip planned down to Southside to visit the the College of Piping and Celtic Performance Arts of Canada…basically it’s a high end place that teaches bagpiping, step dancing, highland dancing, fiddling, and drumming to anybody that wants to show up. They have an evening concert during the summers…but it’s 30 miles from here and we didn’t feel like coming home at 2200 in the dark after it so we went to the mini-concert and demonstration at 1100 instead. We saw demonstrations of highland dancing…which is the typical sort of dancing Scottish lasses in kilts do, step dancing which is sort of a cross between clogging and tap dancing, bagpiping, and drumming. All in all…it was pretty decent…and in addition to learning all about the various parts of a bagpipe…like it wasn’t actually invented in Scotland but rather in the Syria in the Middle East and that it has reeds in it very similar to the double reed that a bassoon uses…we learned the answer to a question I know has been burning in Neil’s mind since he asked Connie if she knew the answer. Anyway…everybody knows that Scottish men go commando (i.e., au natural) under their kilts…and he wondered if the same was true for Scottish women. Turns out the answer is no…at least for women in kilts dancing Scottish dances in PEI…I’ve no idea bout whether it’s true in Scotland proper…mebbe we’ll find out the answer to that one of these days.

After the demonstration…we headed down to the waterfront in Southside and had lunch…a couple of sandwiches we brought with us…and then a beer…Gahan Brewery Red Ale which is brewed right here in PEI…it was good but a bit more hops flavored than we prefer. After that we headed home and made rigatoni casserole out of leftover bolognese cream sauce, mozzarella cheese and burned in the broiler Parmesan cheese…along with some red wine it was excellent…and we’ve got another casserole of it in the fridge for later in the week…although he will probably grill a steak tomorrow.

Here’s the entrance to the College of Piping.

D75 3707

Outside the college building…Connie got this shot of a carved wooden bagpiper.

D71 6967 Edit Edit Edit

On the way back to the RV park we passed this beautiful golden field…Neil got a shot and processed it because it was really cool looking. On further research…we determined that this is actually a field of canola…which is processed into both the canola oil we use for cooking and as a source for ethanol which is used as an additive for car gasoline.

D75 3709 Luminar2018 edit

A shot I forgot to post yesterday…this was taken at the Northport Rear Range Light…it’s a Great Blue Heron…they’re everywhere ya know. Haven’t really seen one since we left Fort Myers…but you can pretty much find them wherever you go.

D75 3702

Connie took a short video of the canola field blowing in the wind while Neil was getting photos…you can see it here. They really looked pretty cool blowing in the 20-30 knot wind.

Thursday was chores day…it was raining on and off all day so it was laundry, haircut, and groceries…then a nice steak for dinner…unfortunately Neil had to cook it inside but it was still tasty.

Friday Connie got her nails done…and then it was lobstah boat ride and lobstah dinner time…

IMG 2785 2

Captain Mark ‘splaining crab parts.

IMG 2835

Connie posing with a rock crab…they actually live on sand.

IMG 2787 2

Connie and a lobstah…this ain’t the one she ate for dinner.

IMG 2790 2

Connie pulling a pot…got it first try.

IMG 2793 2

This is Larry the Lobstah…he’s a 9 pounder…she didn’t eat Larry either. Larry was in the pot Connie is pulling in the shot above.

IMG 2840

After our crabbing and lobstah pot pulling demonstrations we had a PEI style lobstah dinner…this means it’s cooked and then stuck in an ice bath to stop the cooking process and served cold…with butta’ of course…along with some tater salad, a bun, and coleslaw.

We were out in the harbor area or a couple of hours before motoring back to the dock and heading home for the night.

Saturday we were off early on a trip around the eastern coast of the island…most of it was via a Points East Road…catchy name eh? Along the way we got some shots of lighthouses, cliffs, and flowers.

This one is still operational but is located on private property…don’t know how that works.

D75 3718

This one is decommissioned.

D75 3722 Luminar2018 edit

But has some nice cliffs right outside of it.

D75 3724

D75 3725

There are tree swallows nesting in the bank.

D75 3729

D75 3745

East Point Light…this is the farthest eastern point on PEI.

D75 3751

D71 7016

D71 7025

D71 7021

Sailboat heading out for a sail.

D75 3759

D71 7009

D71 7010

We’ve got 2 more days here in PEI…tomorrow we’re heading downtown after Mass in the AM for dinner and a show about Anne of Green Gables…the famous novel set in PEI. Then Monday a drive the Ann of Green Gables National Historic Site and getting ready for a short (125 mile) travel day on Tuesday.

Interesting things found on the net this week.


Ladies…this is a fake lesson, trust me. Don’t follow these instructions.



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3 Responses to PEI Fun Stuff©

  1. seamus says:

    Brave souls.. you have traveled far… bring Larry closer, that I might join with him…

    • Neil Laubenthal says:

      Larry’s probably tough since he’s so old. The world record lobstah was caught here in PEI…44 pounds. It’s said that one that size could break your forearm with his larger crusher claw.


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