Richibucto Village NB

Well…I wish we could tell ya we dun did a whole passle more Fun Stuff© here at Richibucto Village…but Ida be lyin’ to ya if I did. We pretty much dindunuffin while we were here.

Thursday we stayed home and did nothing. Friday we got up early…like zero dark thirty what the heck am I doing up this time of the day early…so that we could head back up to Kouchibouguac National Park to the Bog Trail…which supposedly had some nice wildlife if you were there early in the morning.

Having had some issues with roads and street addresses up here…we mostly put GPS coordinates into the navigation system in the car…then it normally finds the right roads to get there. So heading up…we punched in the coordinates for the Bog Trail parking lot…and then promptly found out that Little Red’s nav system has roads in it that simply don’t exist in reality. We figured this out after we passed what we sort of thought was the right road…but continued another 6 or 8 km up the road before deciding that yes, that was in fact the right road and turning around.

Heading down the correct road now…we eventually gave up on the GPS since our review of the park map said that the parking lot was at the end of the road…so we just ignored all of the suggested turns and we got to the Bog Trail…where we headed a few hundred yards down the trail to the observation tower…where we could see precisely zip, nada, nothing, zilch, nyet…you guessed it…nuttin.

We grabbed a couple of photos from the tower for you though…it was cloudy and murky that morning…but not a single example of wildlife of any sort did we spot. Nope…not a one.

D75 3781 Luminar2018 edit

D71 7065 Luminar2018 edit

We turned around after that and retraced our path to the campground…we had to pass on stopping by the fresh seafood place for something for dinner since they didn’t open until 1000…and we were back home taking a nap in the recliners by 0730…that was after a 40 minute transit each way and the walk out to the tower.

We sat out under the awning for the remainder of the day…had a nice chat with Marcel and his wife whose name escaped us…he’s in the Army up here and is retiring in 4 years with plans to become full timers. We talked for a couple of hours…their biggest concern was whether his pension and her salary…she can work on the road and is only mid 40s so can’t retire yet…would be enough to live on. They plan to winter down in the US somewhere and spend travel seasons up here in Canuckistan…on learning what their income would be we assured them they had more than enough cash flow to finance a really good RV lifestyle.

It’s been hot in the afternoons here…so in the interest of keeping the windows open and not running the A/C to cool us off Neil’s been cooking outside. We had pork medallions with wine, lemon, garlic and caper sauce served with roasted garlic parmesan mashed taters one night, steak another night, and halibut another night…we’ll end up the week with grilled chicken over Romaine lettuce with balsamic-honey dressing tonight.

Tomorrow we’re off on a 150 mile transit to Dalhousie NB where we’ll be in site 18 at Inch Arran City Campground…literally again right on the water about 4 sites down from the lighthouse. Connie’s got some stuff planned for there and we’ll probably do laundry as well.

Interesting things found on the net.

This past week Apple, Inc became the first company to reach market cap of $1 Trillion US…not that market cap really means much as it’s just the product of the number of shares outstanding and today’s stock price. However…Apple also had another record breaking profit this quarter…making once again a metric buttload of cash…and once again made about 90% of the entire smartphone industry profits. In light of this…Business Week pranked themselves by re-running a headline they originally posted back in 1996.


This seems like a pretty creepy greeting card.


Really?Who wouldathunkit?


In other news…a major new announcement from NASA.


Old people complaint.


From the mouths of babes…

Screen Shot 2018 08 05 at 1 16 45 PM


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