DC Area and Elkhart IN

Just a quick post to keep all up to date…but really there’s not much to report.

After our few days in the Tunkhannock PA area…we hitched up Friday morning and made the 335 mile trip down to the Washington DC area, parking at our usual campground at Bull Run Regional Park in site 113…where amazingly enough we actually had satellite visibility for a change…where we were scheduled to attend the Cassaday and Company Annual Symposium on Saturday. Cassaday is our financial advisor and do an annual meeting for those investors…we were speaking on a panel about RVing full time for some of their clients who have questions. The session was well attended with about 50 people…including Steve Cassaday the owner of the company, and he actually had a couple of questions for the panel. After that we headed home for the evening as we were due to depart early Sunday morning.

Sunday and Monday were a drag…379 and 333 miles respectively…with a stop every 50 miles to check the torque on our bad axle. Neil put a second nut on top of the one that keeps coming loose and every 50 miles it was stop, pull the dust cap and second nut, check the torque, reinstall and torque the second nut and reattach the dust cap. We stopped overnight in Cambridge OH and arrived at the MORRyde factory in Elkhart IN about 1630 on Monday.

Tuesday morning we met with the service manager Rob Kolean…who confirmed what we already knew that they already had a full service schedule this week but he always makes room for emergencies. He told us it would probably be Thursday morning before we could start work…and after discussing our needs, current status of our suspension, and our rig’s mileage we came up with a plan for repair and replacement of both the failed wheel but to redo the other 5 axles as well to prevent this happening again next year. Our repairs would take 2 full days so with a planned estimated start on Thursday we headed off early Wednesday morning to Classy Chassis about 70 miles west in Valparaiso IN…we had a couple of minor issues with Big Red we needed to get taken care of…and given that Tom’s folks had experience with our truck build decided to take advantage of that.

We had lost power to our rig side and rear view cameras…Tom’s tech quickly isolated the problem to a bad fuse holder which he replaced. We were originally going to get our two 7 pin connectors where the trailer brake and light cable connects replaced…but Rob called and said he might be able to get us into the bay about 1100…so we just bought the parts and Neil will replace them when he gets a chance.

The 1100 start work thing didn’t actually happen…the folks in the bay we will b going into decided on some extra work…by the time that was done and they left it was almost 1600 so Rob will be moving us into the empty bay at 0600 tomorrow to start work. Unless they find some other problem…he’s going to assign enough techs to get us done by Friday afternoon.

So hopefully we will be fixed and out of here on Saturday morning…we’ve got a 3 day transit scheduled back to the Richmond area to visit grand baby Alex…it’s about the same number of miles (750 or so) that we did int 2 days getting here to Elkhart…so it should be a slightly more relaxed transit on the way back.

Gotta say though…the weather sucks here. It got all the way up to 47 today and is going to be below 32 tonight…we gotta get out of this place. When we leave…we’re heading south to Lexington KY and then east on I-64 to the Richmond area where we’ve got reservations starting Monday night.

That’s about it…sorry no pictures today because we’ve been transiting and have definitely not been doing any Fun Stuff© this week.


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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