Home at Last

I figured I should catch ya’ll up with the last few days of our travel season now that things have settled down just slightly.

We finished up our visit with Alex and the human kids and headed out from Chesterfield VA early on Saturday Oct 27…after some thought about out tank levels Neil decided not to dump on the way out. In order to keep our tank indicators working properly…the black and gray tanks need to be flushed periodically with some cleaning stuff…we use a combination of a half tank of water, 3 gallons of white vinegar and a couple cups of Dawn degreasing dish soap. Then we travel…normally just a single day…to let the sloshing around clean the insides of the tanks before dumping and flushing at our destination. This time…we had 3 travel days but given the relatively small amount of water we use on travel days we just put 50 or so gallons of fresh onboard and left VA with black and gray tanks both about 30% full.

It was still cool when we left…our first overnight stop was at Bass Lake RV Park in Dillon SC…pretty much a parking lot near the freeway. Nice grass pull sites that were plenty big…we left the rig hitched up and went over to Mass at the local church before heading back home for dinner. Still cool on Sunday morning…we pressed on and by mid-day it was nice and warm as we got into Georgia…stopping the second night in Brunswick at the Coastal Georgia RV resort…it was actually really nice and would be a good place to stop for a few days if one were visiting the Brunswick GA area…but just another overnight for us.

Monday we headed out for the longest day of the trip…the first two being just about 275 miles each; but the leg to North Fort Myers was another 100 miles past there. We took our standard bypass from I-95 around the Jacksonville beltway area and then head south on US-301…a nice 4 lane road…to the Ocala FL area where we jumped on I-75 for the last 175 miles or so…arriving at Seminole Campground once again around 1430. We quickly got backed in and unhitched…then Neil dumped the now thoroughly scoured out black and gray tanks before flushing both with clean water.

We spent the remainder of the week with setup tasks…all the outside furniture and stuff needed to go out and we needed to give the inside of the rig a thorough cleaning. Adding in choir practice and bingo on Tuesday and various other setup tasks we stayed pretty busy though Saturday morning. We watched ‘Bama throttle LSU 29 to zip Saturday evening…then headed back to Sarasota 75 miles back up I-75 for our first Sarasota Symphony Orchestra concert of the season, then had dinner at Longhorn’s Steakhouse before heading back home.

This week…we’re pretty much running on our normal winter schedule…most days we have something scheduled but nothing really complicated and we deliberately schedule them spread out over the week to keep from having to work too hard. Neil’s got a list of things we need to accomplish before the holidays…then shortly after that we’ll start detailed planning for next year’s travel season. I gotta tell ya though…we’re really glad to be home again for the season. We’re always ready to go by the last few weeks of winter…and we’re always ready to be home the last few weeks of travel season, and the bearing issue and subsequent extra 1500 miles to Indiana and back and the loss of our 10 day vacation in Cedar Key at the end of the travel season really made October seem to drag for us. We pulled in and parked and Connie said “It’s good to be home”…Neil had to agree with her.

No photos today…Neil’s working on an end of the travel season post to summarize our travel season and I’ll put some photos in there ya haven’t seen yet though.

Let’s move on to interesting things found on the net.

Shipping ships shipping shipping ships.


Screw the rules sez this dog.


Lion Menu.


The truth about action movies.

TruthAboutActionMoviesI had to look twice at this one.



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