Quick Status Update

Just a quick update for tonight so you’ll know where we are. Really tired after our pretty rapid transit from FL to Kerrville TX and we had a couple issues on the way…all minor and mostly just traffic/road closure types. I’ll report more in the next post…but here’s a quick synopsis.

We had a nice 2 day 510 mile trip up to Foley AL where we stopped for 2 nights…nothing to really report there.

We left Foley yesterday AM for a 2 day 380/380 mile transit from Foley to Kerrville TX with an overnight stop in Vinton LA. First day turned out to be almost 450 miles…I-10 was closed just west of Baton Rouge LA for unknown reasons…it was closed when we left Foley and was still closed 6 hours later when we got to Baton Rouge. We ended up on the detour which was a much smaller road along with 100,000 or so of our closest friends who were also heading west on I-10. Instead of arriving at 1500 like we thought it was about 1830 when we got to Vinton LA. 

Luckily today’s transit to Kerrville was much better…long but pretty normal with no real issues…a couple of traffic problems along the way but nothing significant.

We quickly got set up in site 6075 here at Buckhorn Lake Resort for the NHOG Rally that starts next week…in the meantime Neil and his buddy Jim…and probably several more who will wander over to help…will redo the flooring in our Living Room slide. Had a nice happy hour with a bunch of early arrivals for the rally…then some fish for dinner and it will be early to bed for us as we’re whupped puppies.

More later…


About Gunther

The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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