Great day to hike

We got up this morning and had some English Muffins for breakfast to go with our coffee. After that Connie worked for awhile as she’s still in the final throes of getting all her students paperwork organized for the clinical rotations that begin on Monday. Neil went out to get fuel for BAT while she was working. On the way out he got some nice photos of a Great Blue Heron in the stream outside our rear bay window.



She gave it working about noon and we had lunch then headed off for a hike at Lake Oswego. We passed through Cooperstown on the way there and resisted going into the Baseball Hall of Fame. We talked about it burt since none of us are interested in baseball decided to skip the $19.50 each to get in.

Our hike was on the Sleeping Lion Trail around one of the peaks at the lake. The property used to be the site of the Hyde Mansion which was turned into the visitor center. We skipped on going in there and headed up the trail. It was about a mile and 300 feet up to the peak of the ridge then we essentially circled the ridge and came down the other side ending up on the road and then had about a ¼ mile hike back up the road to the parking area. Total hike distance was almost 3 miles and it was a really great day of a hike. Nice sunshine, cool enough so you didn’t get sweaty…just generally a nice crisp fall day. Along the way we did get some nice pictures of the foliage and lake.





On the way back we saw a bald eagle and a broad winged hawk over the freeway but couldn’t get a picture of either. Too bad as both were actually pretty close overhead. We’ll continue looking for birds as we travel though…

We came home and had a shower then considered dinner. We were going to save our leftover turkey meatloaf (it was actually pretty good) for tomorrow night after our travel day but discovered that Oneonta NY and fine dining don’t really go together. So we ate the leftovers tonight and will go out tomorrow since we’ll be in Harrisburg, PA which is a much bigger town.

We’re headed off tomorrow about 220 miles south to Harrisburg, we’ll be staying at the Harrisburg East campground for the weekend then on Monday move back to the Fairfax area for a 4 night stay at Bull Run Campground again while we get dental cleanings, get signed up for Elks membership so we can take advantage of cheap campgrounds, and a couple other errands we need to run. Then we’ll be off to Midlothian to visit Bryan and Jen (the human kids) then head south to Knoxville to visit Neil’s sister Mary Jane Trainor on the way to warm weather.


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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