Starting to head South

Well; we’re on our way South for the winter. We got up early Friday morning and got packed up to leave in an off and on drizzle for a bit. Not too bad compared to our last couple of rainy day moves when it was really raining pretty hard…Neil barely got his rain jacket wet by the time we were ready to go. A quick stop by the dumpster/recycling center at the front of the campground and we were on the road for our 239 mile trip to Harrisburg, PA about 0900.

It continued to drizzle until about 1030 then remained partly cloudy but dry for the remainder of the day. After stopping for lunch at the PA welcome center we pulled into the Harrisburg East Campground about 1345 and got checked in…$35/night for 4 nights on our Passport America rate. We got settled into a 30 amp FHU pull through site 107 and were set up by 1500.


Neil had noticed in the morning while packing up that one of our propane bottles read empty so we tossed the tank into the back of BAT and went looking for a place to get it filled. The campsite had propane for sale but were charging over 6 dollars a gallon instead of the $3.20 it normally costs so we decided to look elsewhere. A bit of googling revealed Murphy’s True Value Hardware about 5 miles away…we got 8.4 gallons in the 9 gallon capacity tank for 28.50 instead of the 60something it would have cost at the campground. On the way back in we filled up BAT with diesel so we would be ready to travel on Monday morning.

After we got back Neil went on a ride then they went over to Gilligan’s Bar and Grill about a mile from the campground for dinner. Connie had Smithwicks and then an IPA and Neil had a couple of Guinnesses. Food was a tuna steak for Connie and ribs for Neil; the ribs provided enough left overs for lunch on Saturday.

Saturday was a lazy day; we didn’t do anything useful all day. Read some blogs, responded to a couple of emails, Connie did a bit of work then we watched the Alabama-Missouri game in the afternoon. Bama rolled 42-10; it was 28-zip midway through the second quarter when they had a 45 minute lightning delay

Today we went out to Mass at Prince of Peace parish after a breakfast of Thomas English Muffins…cinnamon-raisin with butter for the nooks and crannies ya know. We came home and did some computer chores for a couple of hours then headed off to the Eastern Pennsylvania Apple Harvest Festival about 45 minutes away near Gettysburg. Here we are on the shuttle bus from the parking lot over to the fairgounds.


We spent about 3 hours walking around, eating Italian Sausage sandwiches for lunch, sampling the fresh squeezed cider, and picked up a couple of Xmas presents and a new floor mat for the entry way near our door. We also watched the Appalachian chainsaw carvers working their magic on big logs turning them into owls, bears, eagles, and various other neat sculptures. Here’s a sample of their efforts.


Pretty neat, huh?

Tomorrow we’re off again pretty early headed for Bull Run Campground in Manassas. This is a repeat stay at the first campground we were in at the beginning of our full timer travels. We’ve got a couple of appointments this week; initiation into the Elks tomorrow night (they have cheap campsites for members), dental cleaning on Tuesday morning, hair and nails for Connie on Tuesday afternoon and maybe some fillings and such later in the week. We have a couple people we want to see, a few more errands to run but are currently planning on heading out on Friday morning for Midlothian to see their human kids.


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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