Midlothian VA Visit to the Human Kids

Sorry it’s been a couple of days since I posted. I had prepared a post last Wednesday with our trip to Harrisburg, PA and then to Fairfax, VA but Neil’s computer had an issue and had to get rebuilt so I lost it. By that time we had moved along to Midlothian, VA to visit their other kids so I’ll try this again.

A week ago Friday we left Oneonta, NY in the rain (again) and made it to Harrisburg East Campground in Harrisburg, PA for the weekend. Not much to say about the stopover in Harrisburg; the campground was right next to the freeway and had absolutely no It Factor. Still; we went to Gilligan’s Bar and Grill for dinner, watched the Alabama/Missouri game on the TV, and Neil got in a couple of bike rides. We were parked in site 107 which is a full hookup 30 amp site.


Pretty nice sitre but as you can see from the green sign over BAT’s hood it really is right next to the freeway. We stayed there Friday through Monday AM and then headed out for Bull Run Campground in Centreville, VA near their old house in Fairfax. We got set up in site 124 pretty easily once Connie and Neil got over their slight meltdowns. Connie tried to park out of the way with the car and parked in 1 of the 2 places Neil needed to get to to park…and when asked to move parked in the other place he needed to get…and when asked to move again the way he originally asked her to move she took off and went completely around the campground in a huff. Things went down hill for a couple of minutes after that but they recovered and finished getting set up.


Neil went off on a run then they headed off for dinner at McDonalds and then to the Elks Lodge 2188 for Neil’s initiation. He decided to join up for the cheap beer at the Elks Club bars and the cheap campgrounds most of them have as well.

Tuesday they headed out early for dental appointments, flu shots, and picking up a refill on Connie’s ear medication getting back around 1300. Neil went on a bike ride and then they chilled for the rest of the day. Wednesday Connie met her boss at work for a seminar, Neil went on a bike ride and they chilled some more. Thursday was some final errands around Fairfax and…you guessed it…they chilled some more.

Friday morning we got hitched up and headed down to Pocahontas Campground in Midlothian near where Bryan and Jen live. Easy day traveling, they’re all set up in site 102 which is a beautiful, flat 50 amp FHU site. This is a really nice campground and we wish we could stay longer.


Friday afternoon we headed over to Bryan and Jen’s for laundry and dinner. Jen’s dad Tom and stepmother Marilyn came over as well and brought wine and Scotch. We had some really scrumptious burgers with bacon and cheese in them that Bryan made, some fries, and the beer and wine…Tom insisted we take the Scotch home with us. He also told us that the local liquor store had Gosling’s rum on the shelf so we decided to run over there and get some…can’t make a Dark and Stormy without it ya know.

Saturday we got over to Bryan and Jen’s about 0930 and headed off to the Celtic Festival for wandering around, buying, and lunch. We got a couple nice photos of the Bagpipe and Drum marching groups.



We had some Shepherds Pie for lunch along with a couple of beers, wandered around looking at Celtic stuff and the gorgeous, well built young lady in the kilt and corset (but didn’t get a picture of, drats) then headed home to Bryan and Jen’s about 1330. We stopped by the ABC store for the Gosling’s and also got Ginger Beer which is also hard to find and is the other key ingredient for a Dark and Stormy.

Tonight’s dinner is Chicken Fried Rice that Bryan is making and probably one or two of those beers. Then it’s game night at Bryan’s whatever that is. Tomorrow it’s Mass and then the kids and probably Tom and Marilyn are coming by the park to see our house and we’ll make chicken on the grill.

Monday it will be off towards Knoxville; we’re stopping overnight in Christianburg, VA which is right down near the western tip for an over night then along to Knoxville the next day. We’ll be there until Friday or Saturday visiting Neil’s sister Mary Jane and her daughter.


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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