Final day in Midlothian and Travel to Christianburg, VA

Just a quickie today. Yesterday on Sunday we went to Mass, had breakfast at the Off the Grid Cafe near our storage unit, picked up a couple of items from the storage unit we decided we wanted, bought groceries, and fueled up BAT. In the evening Bryan and Jen came over for dinner and Jen’s dad Tom and his wife Marilyn stopped by again. Tom is going to carve us a sign for outside of our entry door and Neil needs to send him some info and a picture of the rig to put on it. Marilyn brought us these dill flavored pretzel bites that are really good. We had grilled chicken for dinner with some of Neil’s potatoes with bacon, caramelized onions, cream, and smoked cheddar cheese. Quite yummy and we have enough left over chicken for lunch on Tuesday as we finish the move down to Knoxville.

This morning we got up and would have been on the road by 0930 except as Neil was packing up outside Steve and Donna introduced themselves. They’re full time cruisers in a sailboat in the Caribbean in the wintertime and RVers with a DRV Mobile Suites in the wintertime. They’re thinking about buying themselves a New Horizons and stopped by to chat for a bit They really liked our rig and we spent about an hour talking pros and cons with them before finishing hitching up and getting on the road about 1030.

We got here to Christianburg, VA about 1500 and are parked in site 2 here at the Interstate Overnite Park. As you can guess from the name…there is absolutely no IT factor at this park…it’s a gravel parking lot about 300 yards from the freeway. Virginia Tech University is nearby and the park gets filled up on home game weekends I guess. It’s a nice convenient place for an overnite stay and a bargain at $30 for FHU back in site; although we didn’t bother hooking up the sewer connection and will just carry the few gallons we generate with us until we part tomorrow in Knoxville at either the Escapees park or the nearby KOA. Here’s a shot of our site; the freeway is immediately over Neil’s shoulder as he was taking this picture.


Pretty basic, huh? Nothing to see here but as you can see we didn’t even bother unhitching and only hooked up water/electric, ran out the slides, and put the forward jacks down to take the weight off of the truck. We’ll be out of here in maybe 30 minutes tops in the morning, a quick U-turn of BAT to the right and we’ll head out to the freeway ramp. Tomorrow we’ll see Neil’s sister Mary Jane in Knoxville and her daughter Lauren.


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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