Last Day in Moore Haven

Just a quick entry to summarize our time here. As I said before, Ortona South COE Campground has been great. Camp hosts are very friendly, large, easy to maneuver into sites, gorgeous views, and very nice weather.

We haven’t done much since Tuesday though. Neil had another computer issue but he thinks he’s figured out what was happening and hopefully it won’t happen again. Connie did some work but other than that we’ve just sat around being lazy. It’s been pretty windy all week but with temps mostly in the 70’s they just sat outside in their Zero Gravity lounge chairs a lot. It was too windy to get the awning out so we had to keep moving the chairs to stay in either the shadow of the rig or the sun depending on whether we wanted the sunshine or not. Neil ran pretty much every day this week; it was mostly too windy to run and it’s a pretty nice 4 miles out to the main road and back.

We did go out to Beef O’Brady’s Irish Pub one night for dinner…and really wish we hadn’t. Irish it ain’t and while they did have Guinness the food was pretty lousy It’s a chain down here but we won’t be visiting any more of them.

Tomorrow we’re headed off to Seminole Campground in Fort Myers and will be there until Mar 1. Connie has a couple of churches picked out and we’re going the next two weekends to audition their choir and see who she wants to sing with for Christmas. 

Neil sent an email off to their friend Pat Balzarini from college to see about getting together while we’re down here…they haven’t seen her since August of 2011 when they were in Miami for Connie’s ACP Board Meeting right before we retired.

Sorry no pictures this time; I already posted one of the rig. Guess I should have grabbed a few of the campground to add to this but it’s dark now so oh well. 


About Gunther

The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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