Welcome to the Winter Home of the Laubenthals

Well, after a strenuous 37 mile  travel day today we moved from Moore Haven, FL over to North Fort Myers. After coffee and breakfast this morning we got to work breaking camp, hitching up, and headed out shortly before the 1100 checkout time from Ortona Campground. We headed west on FL-80 until intersecting with I-75 then went north one exit…essentially getting across the river and exiting on to FL-78 East. From there it was maybe another 3/45 mile total to the campground.

Seminole is a great place so far. Quiet and amazingly secluded for being only a half mile from the freeway; we checked in with Stephanie at the office and then Rob led us back to our site 101. This is a nice back in 50 amp FHU site that backs up to some trees; on the other side of the trees is a rural area. We had the opportunity to get a site over on the creek a couple months back when we were making our reservations but given the campground layout we would have had no satellite visibility for Direct TV…so we took this site instead. We were a bit concerned that this side of the campground would be too much concrete parking area but it is actually reasonably well covered with trees and we back up to a nice view through our picture window on the rear to the tree line.

Here’s a shot of our site; you’re looking East here. The freeway is about 1/2 mile behind where Neil took the picture from.

SeminoleCGSite101 001

Although the sites are a bit closer than we would prefer; there’s plenty of space to park both BAT and the car in our site. When we want to have a campfire in the fire ring you can see right in front of the car we have enough space to just back the car in front of BAT and still be out of the road.

We got parked in our site by about 1230 and finished setting up, holding colors to raise the flag, hooking up utilities and putting the awning out by about 1330. We spent an hour cleaning up; Connie swept, swiffered and dusted and Neil dragged the oriental carpet outside and vacuumed it off. After that we decided to head off to the Walmart for some groceries; we’re about out of a bunch of stuff. We stopped by the liquor store and got some Captain Morgan’s spiced rum since we can’t afford to drink Gosling’s all the time then picked up $180 worth of food, wine, and staples that we’re just out of. We got back to the rig about 1645 and Neil went on a quick bike ride while Connie put the groceries away. We then had cocktail hour followed by leftovers for dinner (Jambalaya Rice with leftover pork tenderloin that was mashed thin, rubbed with a combination of cocoa powder and various chili pepper powders then covered with a sauce that was flavored with chocolate and blueberries along with a bit of honey and some Frank’s Hot Sauce (way better than Tabasco Sauce) so it had a bit of heat along with a bit of sweet and a bit of mellow rounded out taste due to the chocolate.

Tomorrow Connie needs to work a bit then they’re headed out to a local restaurant for their 36th anniversary. We might do something fun on Wednesday but considering it’s Thanksgiving week probably not…we will likely wait until Monday before heading out on any hikes or kayak trips. Who knows.

Thanksgiving dinner is going to be Cornish Hens on the grill with some Baked Potatoes and Shallots with Sage along with a casserole of winter squash…then a pumpkin pie (sorry, it’s frozen) for afterwards.


About Gunther

The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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1 Response to Welcome to the Winter Home of the Laubenthals

  1. Cynthia says:

    Happy Thanksgiving. Sounds like you’ve cornered the market on having a great life. I’m so very happy for you. I will be driving to visit my 84-yr-old Talahassee friend on next Tuesday. I’m looking forward to getting down to warmer weather.

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