Travel Day to Cedar Key

After coffee and breakfast this morning we set about breaking camp. Connie did the inside as usual while Neil handled outside stuff. Once all that was done we fixed us a sandwich to take in the cooler for lunch, hitched up and disconnected our utilities and hit the road about 1100. We stopped for lunch at a rest stop and at a Flying J for fuel for BAT but other than that had a pretty uneventful trip and arrived at Low Key Hideaway in Cedar Key about 1530. We were assisted in backing in by Pat the owner who blocked traffic on the road while we pulled across it and into site 4 (or maybe it’s site 1, we don’t know for sure). By 1700 we were setup, Neil had gone on a short bike ride, Connie had swept and swiffered the floor and we headed over to the Hideaway Tikibar for beer o’clock.

We had this really good medium dark beer named Maduro which is brewed by a local brewer in Tampa…an outstanding brew with a hint of chocolate and expresso and caramel. Connie had a second and Neil had a vodka martini with onions…he had the bartender just wave the vermouth bottle near the martini glass and decided that was close enough. One of the other RV park residents brought over a plate of roasted garlic in olive oil and french bread so we had a couple tastes of that…Neil will have to remember that roasted garlic in olive oil and french bread makes a great contribution for our next pot luck.

We took some nice photos of our site and the sunset. Three of the processed shots below are followed by the straight out of the iPhone shot so you can appreciate why it’s necessary to post process your shots if possible before posting them. Neil’s next iPad will be able to run a more powerful photo editing program and hence he can do some basic processing for quick posts.  All but the sunset are pretty dramatically improved by the processing. First a shot of our site #1 here at the Low Key Hideaway.



Here’s a picture of me and Kara sitting in the swing right outside our back window. Ahh, what a life…sittin’ and watchin’ the sun go down. All I need is my six string and a pitcher of those frozen concoctions that help me hang on as Jimmy Buffet would say. 

CedarKeyG K

IMG 0850

and here’s a view of the back of the rig (Neil was standing about 5 feet from the Gulf of Mexico when he took this shot). My swing above is immediately to the left of the red chair.

CedarKeySite1 1

IMG 0848

and finally a shot of the sunset from right outside our back window after the aforementioned beers and martini.

IMG 0856

IMG 0856

For dinner we got a recommendation from Bill at the bar for a place called The Deck Bar and grill…so we went there. Connie had a fried oyster dinner and Neil had fried grouper…and we had a couple more really dark beers called Midnight Oil. This was really, really dark, about the color of used oil from your car and had a distinctive expresso taste. One was fine but it was too heavy to really drink a lot of it.

We really like it here at Low Key so far…it’s much more our kind of place than Sun N Fun was…the latter was just too busy and crowded for us; we’re more laid back kind of folks and Connie has already suggested staying here a couple of weeks on our way back south in October. We did really like getting together with Sparky and Eldo while at Sun N Fun…but there was just too much hustle and bustle due to being a large feature rich resort for our needs; Connie’s part time job keeps her busy enough while she’s working that when she isn’t just lazing away in the swing or recliner in the sun is our style.

P.S. Edited this early Saturday morning to add the processed photos above…we didn’t have the file server up before so Neil couldn’t do any of the processing work that he does with Aperture.


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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