Cliffs of Moher and Travel to Bunratty

After breakfast this morning we finished packing up and headed off from the Carriglea B&B about 0900. We had a 2:45 trip over to the pier at Doolin where we caught the boat out to the Cliffs of Moher…which start essentially at Doolin and run about  10 kilometers south down the coast.

The cliffs average about 600 feet high with 725 feet or so being the highest point…this is where Brian’s Tower is located.

Photos from the water portion of our trip…the boat got in close to some of the cliffs…maybe about 25 feet away and the water was still plenty deep. The cliffs continue into the water and it’s about 80 feet deep almost up to the wall.

Our boat the M/V Tranquility pulling into the pier to pick us up. Once onboard we got underway…our spot was on the port side rail down by the stern…and once we pulled away from the tour the cliffs were in sight almost immediately.

DSC 6307

DSC 6310

DSC 6322

DSC 6329

DSC 6332

DSC 6337

DSC 6348

DSC 6363

DSC 6370

DSC 6379

DSC 6381

DSC 6386

DSC 6389

DSC 6401

DSC 6407

We got back to the dock about an hour after we left…note the extremely calm North Atlantic (again) in the background of the shot of Connie. Almost dead calm today; the only waves were those caused by the tour boats. Heading south alongside the coast we got a few more pictures then Neil walked out to the edge of the cliffs for some land side perspective views…Connie decided she wasn’t standing on the edge of a 600 foot tall cliff and stayed in the car.

DSC 6416

DSC 6421

DSC 6424

DSC 6426

DSC 6434

With that our day’s touring was done and we headed off to Bunratty where we quickly found the Briar Lodge B&B run by Trish. Got checked in…and the first thing we did was Neil fixed her wifi so that I could post this. After a bit we’re heading off to the Medieval Castle for dinner and the show…I’m sure it will be schmaltzy but hey…it is what it is.

Tomorrow we’re off to Connemara to the Ballynahinch Castle where Connie will achieve her lifetime dream of sleeping in a castle. Neil will achieve his lifetime dream by calling her a wench or something.


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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