E6 Fledges The Nest

Good news today!!

Although Ozzie is still recovering from his broken clavicle we are happy to report that E6, the remaining eaglet from this year’s hatching…fledged the nest (i.e., took his first flight) yesterday at 9:17AM at 86 days old which is just about average.

Here’s a link to a video of the first flight…E6 flew a hundred yards or so to another tree and came back to the nest about 20 minutes later. BTW, the name E6 comes from it being the 6th egg that hatched…there have been 2 in each year since 2012

E6 Fledge First Flight

Once it gets a little more confidence in it’s ability to maneuver and land successfully Harriet and E6 will likely leave the nest for a few days to start E6’s hunting lessons. Given the distance to the river and hunting grounds they’ll likely roost near them for a couple of days while it watched momma hunt and once it can easily fly to the river and back they’ll return to the nest for another 5 or 6 weeks before E6 departs the nest permanently. Hopefully Ozzie will be healed, rehab complete, and released before that happens.



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