Long Time I Guess…

Sorry ‘bout not posting in the last 2 weeks…but there’s really been nothing goin’ on worth writing about.

We’ve just been Elk’ing it…and staying around the old campground with not really a whole bunch of stuff happening.

We were able to get Connie’s initial cataract evaluation appointment moved up to Mar 2 instead of Mar 30…we’ll still be late leaving past our original planned date but maybe not as much as we thought. The scheduler told us it might be a month between the evaluation and the surgery and there’s a “come back in 30 days” thing…so we could be out by the end of May…or perhaps even some earlier depending on the surgery delay. 

Once we figure that out…we’ll have to rejigger our plans and decide on the revised travel plan for the summer. The Route 50 trip isn’t off at this point…but it is in jeopardy Neil thinks given the rig issue we found last week. We are committed to the NHOG Rally in Spearfish SD in late September and the Albuquerque Balloon Festival in early October with our friends Bill and Linda…but beyond that and having to work a visit to Junction City into the plan we’ll have to figure out the rest once we know the surgery schedule.

Ok…that rig issue. As you probably don’t know…there are rubber seals that keep the water out where the slides on an RV extend and retract. There’s a U shaped rubber piece that goes around the edge of the hole in the wall that is both glued and screwed with a bracket to the wall on both the inside and outside…with the slide hold being about 2 inches bigger each way than the actual slide. The U piece has 2 flapper things that stick out into the hole parallel to the wall and rest against the side (and top and bottom) of the actual slide. Then there’s a bumper shaped piece that slips onto the bracket that the back side of the slide overhang (on the outside) and the back of the facing board (on the inside) seats against when the slide is fully in or out.

Anyways…with 3 slides we’ve essentially got 9 seals plus the 3 on the bottom which are pretty much impossible to get to. Of the remaining 9…8 are arranged so that getting to both the inside and outside bracket is easy…just put the slide partway out and you can see the bumpers. Slide those off, remove the screws and bracket, put a new seal in and put it all back to gather. Easy peasy…probably a 2-3 hour job to replace a slide.

The 9th seal…well, that’s another story entirely. It’s the forward vertical one on the galley slide on the drivers side…and it’s hidden behind the slide itself, the overhead cabinets, the countertop, and the pantry…all of this makes it almost impossible to get to.

Guess which one of ours is bad? Yup…forward galley one. It’s not sun damage that dried it out…that would make it cracked and brittle. It’s gotten soft and gooey like gum…but only about the top 3 feet or so that’s 8 or 10 feet off the ground. To Neil’s eye it looks like some sort of solvent got on it and deteriorated the rubber but it’s never had any solvent on it. Rain, car soap, slide conditioner, and water soluble bug spray is all it’s ever had on it. Definitely not any of those and the bug spray is the same stuff we spray around all our slide seals for the past 5 years…so that isn’t it either. In any event…the seal needs replacement…it’s not leaking so it’s not critical but it is somewhat urgent.

This means another (crap) trip out to our favorite place to be…Junction City KS at the New Horizons factory. If we knew for sure that it was an easy fix then a repair shop here in FL could do the job…but there’s a possibility that the slide will have to be pulled out to get to the seal and that’s definitely a factory job. Neil thinks he sees a way to get to it without pulling the slide…but is not about to tell New Horizons how to do their job…at least not yet. We’re waiting on Ken at New Horizons to get back to him and tell him how long they need to fix it…then we’ll work that into the schedule somehow. If feasible…we’re at least tentatively on going out there sometime during the surgery wait/recovery phase so as to delay our eventual departure for travel season as little as possible and not have to spend travel season time getting fixed. That would mean an extra 2,500 miles of towing or 3 days out and back…but ya gotta do what ya gotta do…and after having last travel season torched by the detached retina we’re hoping not to have this one affected any more than we can. Gotta fix her eye though…then the rig and then travel season…but we’ll get it sorted out as best we can once we get all the additional information we need.

We did order some more outside stuff…Neil got himself a high output 2 burner camp stove and another collapsable table to sit it on…that way he’s got a real burner outside in addition to the grill and can better cook both side dishes and what we call “burning meat” at the same time.

Anyways…that’s all the news that’s fit to print. Connie did win a half share at Bingo both this week and last…which allows her to break even for those two nights.

Interesting stuff of the week.

Japan vs Russia. The upper shots show an intersection that became a sinkhole in downtown Tokyo that was fixed literally in a week. The lower ones show a little girl obviously outside her home in 1991 and the same girl grown up in 2015…note the still unmatched identically shaped pothole in both. And they wonder why they lost the Cold War.


An observation on modern art.


An observation on NASA.


An observation by a Native American on improvements brought about by palefaces.


Fred Flintstone must have driven by here.


What to do with your Christmas Tree after the holidays are over.


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2 Responses to Long Time I Guess…

  1. Seamus says:

    oh well, i guess it’s like owning a boat (break out another thousand…)

    loved da xmas tree trick…

    injuns are smart… 3 guys sneak up behind Walker, Texas Ranger and his old white haired injun buddy, one of ’em coldcocks the injun with a stick, knocks him out cold… Walker kicks their butts, runs up to his buddy, helps him into a sitting position, eyes spinnin like a slot machine… Walker sez “we gotta git you to a hospital !”, injun sez “HELL NO ! PEOPLE DIE THERE…”

    yall be good…


    • Neil Laubenthal says:

      Yeah…I liked the xmas tree one as well…and you always have maintenance on the rig, especially if you live in it full time. Just like maintenance on a regular house I guess.


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