It’s Crazy Talk I Tellya…Crazy Talk

We’re in Florida…southern Florida…and it was 31 freaking degrees this morning. Way too cold for us but with with the fireplace and furnace we’re surviving. To hear them talking on the news last night it was hazardous to human and animal life out there. Really? At 31 degrees? Sure…it’s cold for southern Florida and way colder than we want to be but the weather folk on TV are carrying on just a mite much I think.

Anyway…Connie’s off this morning for the Ladies of Elks luncheon as our lodge is hosting this month…so Neil’s home working on travel plans. Connie finished up with the schedule for this summer yesterday…we’re reprising our cancelled 2016 trip to the Canadian Maritimes. She had done a whole bunch of research back then and a lot of the things we want to do are limited to certain days…so we just made sure we got to the first stop over the border on the right day of the week…that way all of the previous planning is still good. We’ll head out from here and stop at Savannah GA on the way to Midlothian to see grand baby Alex then after a stop in Boston we’ll bounce up the ME coast and cross into Canuckistan in early June and after touring around New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island and eastern Quebec we’ll cross back into ME in mid August…after that we’ll bum around ME, NH, VT, CT, and MA before heading southward in mid October for another stop to see Alex and then our normal end of the travel season stop in Cedar Key FL at the Low Key Hideaway before arriving back in North Fort Myers on 1 November. It’s only about 7,000 or so miles towing this year which seems short but on reviewing our past travel seasons while it is less than our average of just over 9,000 towing miles per year. However…our average is somewhat skewed by the almost 15,000 we did in 2015 on our Alaska trip…without that our average is a shade over 9,000…so I guess it is a short year.

After I wrote the above…Neil discovered we had a slight malfunction in our planning…long story short is that in order to catch the ferry back to the mainland from Newfoundland in mid July I had us driving  537 miles in one day…and that just ain’t likely to happen. Fortunately…it’s a relatively easy fix…we’ll just catch the ferry in Argentia instead of Port aux Bacques to come back the night before our original plan…and spend an extra day at Cape Breton Islands National Park to make the schedule come out the same. Dumb mistake on his part…but at least he figgered it out before it was hard and required changing reservations and such.

The eaglets continue to grow…here’s a screenshot from today…you can see they’re considerably larger than they were 3 weeks ago at hatching.

Screen Shot 2018 01 18 at 12 55 36 PM

Looking forward to our friends Bill and Linda arriving on Saturday for a week or so…he sent us a photo their neighbor took of their house in NC and it’s got 3 or 4 inches of snow on the ground…I’m thinking they’re glad they’re here and not there.

Ok, on to interesting things found on the net.

A couple weather related ones…


Although this particular one was for the British…it’s pretty much what the weather folks said last night on TV.


Australian road sign


From the personals…but he doesn’t want any weirdos.


What wedding RSVP forms would say if they were honest.


Yeah…still truth here too

Truth 2



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2 Responses to It’s Crazy Talk I Tellya…Crazy Talk

  1. seamus says:

    yeah, but it’s a dry cold… with ya on da temps bro- lemme see here… tuesday, 6am temp 18, wind chill 10… yestiday, 6am – temp 14, wind chill 2 (das right, 2), dis mornin, temp 17, wind chill 8… ice evrydamnwhere, and people ’round here can’t drive right on a purty day… headed out ta work at 5am, they tell me 22, no wind… lucky me… colder’n a gravediggers’ arse i tell ya…

    ps – check out Tua’s full first name – you’ll see why dey call him Tua…


    • Neil Laubenthal says:

      Yeah…at least the humidity is low. I googled Tua’s full name…yeah, one can see why he goes by Tua. Most web forms won’t have a big enough character limit to type in his full first name. Kinda like humuhumunukunukuapua’a which is Hawaiin name for the reef triggerfish…meaning triggerfish with a snout like a pig.


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