And Then Life Happened…

Apparently I’ve been derelict in my blogging duties…but there’s a reason Ima tellin’ ya.

It’s that whole nuttin goin’ on thang I say…just nuttin goin’ on atall.

Either that or I need to start this post with “Pardon me internet for I have sinned…it’s been 2.5 weeks since my last post.”

The real problem is that there just isn’t much goin’ on while we’re parked for the winter here in warm (well, now it is) Fort Myers. It ain’t like we got all sorts of Fun Stuff© to keep ourselves busy with…and it ain’t like we’re traveling every few days so there’s no put away, hitching, moving, unhitching, and putting things back out to keep ourselves busy…and you can only say we’re just ambling on through the winter so many times.

Our friends Bill and Linda Napier did spend a week down here after the Tampa RV Show…they were over at Cypress Trails Resort across the river…so we had dinner with them and fixed trailers just about every day. Neil made burgers, halibut, and ham/chicken gumbo on the days he cooked and Linda did steaks one night and pork tenderloin another night…there musta been another one but I forgot to write it down…we went out for sushi one night and Bill/Neil went over to the Nauti Parrot one evening while Linda/Connie were eating hot dogs at the Elks Quarter Auction. Linda also brought over home made brownies and apple crisp for our dinners. 

Beyond that…we fixed Bill’s fan, got some parts shipped into us for them, fixed our hydraulic brake reservoir leak, and fixed our black tank level sensor…well the last one he did the day before they arrived so it doesn’t count. We also significantly increased our ice cream usage as we were feeding 4 instead of just the normal 2 of us.

Beyond eatin’/fixin’/visitin’…let’s see what other interesting stuff we’ve been up to.

  • Dumped holding tanks
  • Regenerated water softener
  • Bingo at the lodge and park
  • Taco night at the lodge
  • Grocery shopping
  • Laundry
  • Nails done
  • Skipped the symphony concert this past weekend in Sarasota…there was crummy music on the program and it wasn’t worth an afternoon and 150 mile round trip…so we donated the tickets back to the orchestra to re-sell and we’ll get a couple bucks off our taxes
  • Continued gathering tax paperwork
  • Replaced the control board in our broken living room ventilation fan…this partially fixed it’s issue as the fan now runs. The raise/lower motor still doesn’t work but the AirXcel folks are sending us a new motor and gear assembly for it at no charge. Hopefully that will solve the problem.
  • Continued working on planning for the upcoming travel season.

Yeah…as you can see it’s just been a thrill a minute ‘round these parts.

Tomorrow we’ve got a busier day planned…Neil has an oil change appointment for Li’l Red in the morning and Connie has choir practice after lunch…it starts and ends early this week. Then instead of bingo at the Elks Lodge we’re heading over to the St. Therese Mardi Gras dinner and dance…yeah, I know it ain’t Mardi Gras until next week but that’s when they scheduled it. 

Anyways…on the travel season planning front as I reported last time Neil had figured out how to recover from his “can’t get 537 miles across Newfoundland and still make an 1145 ferry” miscalculation…he figured that we would just catch the longer (and more expensive overnight) ferry instead. Connie suggested that we leave St. John’s Newfoundland as scheduled and just make a 2 day trip back across the island to Port aux Basques and catch the ferry one day later than planned…then take that day out of our first stop back on the mainland. Since the overnight camping stop, fuel, and shorter ferry save money compared to the longer overnight ferry…that requires you to either buy a cabin as well as vehicle passage or else spend the night in a deck chair…that makes more sense anyway

We’re down to about a half dozen parks that we haven’t finalized yet…he’s got email or voice mail or web forms filled out for all of them and we’re just waiting to hear back…he’ll likely double check on those this week.

The super bowl was yesterday…apparently the Iggles won…we didn’t watch it. We did review the supposedly good Super Bowl commercials this morning and they were uniformly poor in our opinion. The Tide ones were at least amusing…well, some of them anyway…and the Danny DeVito M&M one was almost amusing. The rest of them…not so much. And Philadelphia got trashed last night…who woulda thunk that. I can never understand why people riot when their sports team loses the game…much less than when the team wins.

Interesting things found on the net.

You’ll never look at Australia the same way again.


Not all heroes wear capes…our kinda guy.


The way nice countries fight wars.


Basic helicopter rules…the only one I would add is that there is no such thing as a gliding helicopter.



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