Happy Easter and April Fool’s Day

And happy pre-anniversary greetings (April 2 is actually the say) to the adults ‘round these parts as well. It was lo those many years ago back in 19 and 76 that Neil was driving Connie to their local drinking establishment down in Coral Gables FL at the University of Miami and uttered those famous words “Here, hold this.”…and dropped her engagement ring into her hand. Quite the romantic ain’t he?

Then just about 10,000 days later…again on April 2 and again in the car on the way to another local drinking establishment…that once again he repeated those famous words (well, they’re at least famous in our family lore anyway)…and dropped an even better diamond ring in her hand.

Anyhoo…not really much going on here the past couple of weeks. We had some lab work done and have doctor’s appointments in a couple of weeks, Connie got her colonoscopy and endoscopy (yea!) scheduled, we got new front tires for Big Red…yeah, all sorts of really cool stuff like that. 

The eaglets have fledged the nest and are increasing their flying range and capabilities as well as learning to hunt for themselves…but these days they’re mostly gone from the nest with mom and dad learning stuff.

We’ve got quite a list of things to complete before we leave…but made ourselves a checklist so that we don’t miss any of them…maintenance items and the like mostly. Nothing major, just time consuming so Neil will try and do a couple every day so that it’s not a rush the end of the month before we leave on May 1.

I don’t have any photos to share…so let’s get on to the Interesting Things Found on the Net.

Poor guy…tells the truth and where does it get him?

218084 budweiser

Our friend Bill Napier sent us this one…this is the strangest 5th wheel setup we’ve ever seen. Putting the RV on a low-boy trailer with a Jeep on the back is just nuts. We did some figgeratin’ on the pin weight and either that truck’s rear axle is seriously overloaded or the owner has a heavy duty truck and they just used the pickup to move it around the lot.  


How did man first learn to swear.


Nothing’s that good…nothing.


Helping people keep stayin’ alive.




The sky crashed.



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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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